Korea to Help Southeast Asian Countries Preserve Marine Resources
Korea to Help Southeast Asian Countries Preserve Marine Resources
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Korea plans to export its knowhow of sea ranching, fish farming and marine resource preservation to Southeast Asian countries.

The Organizing Committee for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea launched the first year's second round of the Yeosu Project on March 7, which is focused on providing support for developing countries in resolving their maritime challenges.

The project is one of the promises made by the Organizing Committee to the international community in its bid for the Expo. A total of 10 billion won will be invested in the project, which will run until 2012.

Eighteen participants-officials and maritime experts from Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and Fiji-will take part in the program, taking advantage of the opportunity to learn Korea's advanced marine resources preservation techniques. Seminars offered during the program include "Sea Ranching and Coastal Marine Resources Management" and "Coastal Aquaculture."

The participants will also take field trips and experience hands-on training sessions at Pukyong National University, Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute, Tongyeong Marine Ranching Area , and the Marine Resources Research Institute. The Organizing Committee hopes that through the program, developing countries will gain knowledge on how to preserve their marine resources, a goal which highlights Yeosu's concept for the Expo, "The Living Ocean and Coast."

About 4 billion won will be invested in the second- and third-year rounds of the Yeosu Project. The committee will also seek cooperation with international maritime organizations such as the International Marine Organization (IMO) and the Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA). "The Yeosu Project boosts the spirit of the Expo and its focus on the ocean and the coast. It provides us with a chance to enhance Korea's status in the international community and highlight the significance and legitimacy of the Expo around the world," said Hwang Eui-seon, head of the Organizing Committee's Overseas Management Division.

source: apec-vc Korea

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