IMAC 2009 Editor's List Award to Nepes Tech
IMAC 2009 Editor's List Award to Nepes Tech
  • Chun Go-eun
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IMAC 2009's April showers suggested a blooming Nepes botanical garden in the near future. And the Nepes Corporation booth did not disappoint, presenting a wide variety of flowers growing in 2009. The world's first high quality color glass for future architecture is only the starting line of this botanical garden. Since Nepes Corporation manufactures both materials and components for various semiconductor parts, their internal synergy effect has created a blooming convergence of ideas in the high-end market.


Combining New and Old

CEO Lee Byung-koo of Nepes meets with visitors
"Generally, if new semiconductor technology is developed, material technology cannot catch up with it. That is why we have an advantage over our competitors," said CEO Lee Byung-koo. He continued: "For example, we are capable of combining new display component technology with materials, and that is how we were able to invent the first colored glass in the world which can be made with 256 colors." Here the question is transparency. When a color is added to a sheet of glass, the turbidity of the glass often increases and the glass becomes less transparent. Nepes found a solution and developed a new type of colored glass that will bring colors to the windows of cities and buildings. "We have the color filter technology for LCDs. We converged that technology into our consumer products to create and implement nanoparticles," added CEO Lee.

Nepes is known for its work with Sony, Samsung, and Sharp regarding display technology in the semiconductor industry. Sony especially has been using Nepes' LCD panels exclusively. "This component at the edge of display monitors enables the image to appear on the screen, and it must be thin and foldable to fit the frame of the screen," said CEO Lee.

Flip Clip Bumping

Nepes' flip clip bumping technology provides a solution for bulky semiconductor chips. The semiconductor packaging and electrical testing technology of Nepes is applicable to TCP/COF, COG, and CSP. The solution is based on the fine pitch flip-chip bonding and wafer slimming technology. The booth displayed this new material solution to protect chips including epoxy molding compounds and clear molding compounds.

The Nepes booth also presented an air purifier that sterilizes germs and bacteria while removing bad odors. The product will be largely marketed to Japan. "Applying this technology, we have made a medical Band- Aid. It was recently approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration, and is scheduled to be supplied to Korean pharmaceutical companies in May," added Lee.

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