ETRI and Hyundai Heavy Industries Enhance Korean Shipbuilding Industry with IT
ETRI and Hyundai Heavy Industries Enhance Korean Shipbuilding Industry with IT
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When shipbuilding meets the world's most powerful IT, there is no doubt Korea's shipbuilding industry will become a leader in the world. Armed with cutting-edge IT technologies, 'Digital Shipbuilding Yards' and 'Smart Ship Technology' will be built in Korea, according to ETRI and Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI).

In the field of shipyards, where ships are built, cutting-edge IT technologies such as WiBro (WiMax), RFID technology will support the smooth communications and integrated management of distribution in real-time. Also, in the case of a sailing ship, it will be able to monitor the engine, steer the vessel via a combined screen and control the maintenance remotely if it is necessary.

On March 25, HHI held an 'IT Based Total Solution for Shipment' test ceremony in Ulsan with distinguished IT personal, including Cho Seok, the Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, President of HHI, Lee Jai-seong and the President of ETRI, Kim Heung-nam.

Once HHI mounts the technology on its own ship monitoring control system, ACONIS, then they are planning to install it on 46 ships including 40 for Denmark's AP Moller Owners Corporation, the world's largest ship company, and two for CMM in Greece on the 29 of March.

It is jointly developed by ETRI, and HHI's 'IT-based Total Solution for Shipment' is the typical technical conversance of traditional industry and IT consisting of Digital Shipbuilding Yards Technology for manufacturing and Smart Ship Technology.

Digital Shipbuilding Yard Technology is the high-tech shipbuilding intra-technology connecting yard and the vessel is connected by WiBro, the wireless network for efficient distribution and communication between operators.

'Real-time Monitoring and Control of Distribution Technology', which is one of the core technologies in Digital Shipbuilding Yard Technology, enables users to track from the location to the condition of the materials, and help manage the equipment. It differentiates itself from the existing shipyard, where it has some inefficient problems such as block structure errors.

Another component technology is the 'Group Communication System for Shipbuilding Industry', which facilitates easier communication between the workers in the field. The multiple terminals combine all the different device functions such as two-way radio, TRS, and mobile, so that workers can always stay connected for efficient communication while on the move.

ETRI and HHI are expecting the Digital Shipbuilding Yard Technology will bring efficiency in yard space, improved work environment, higher productivity and reducing communication costs.

In order to sharpen the competitiveness, ETRI and HHI also co-developed the 'Smart Ship Technology'. This technology is the wire/wireless shipment integrated network, which enables and monitors all the functions in the vessels remotely. There are many advantages to this technology such as efficient resource management, economical shipping service and repairing.

An official from ETRI said, "Through the conversance with IT, the Korean shipment industry can extend its lead, while the competition in the world is gradually growing fierce. This technology will differentiate us from China, Europe and Japan."

According to HHI, about US$4,000 million per year can be saved through reducing labors costs and improving operational efficiency.

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