IMAC 2009 Editor's List Award to LHE
IMAC 2009 Editor's List Award to LHE
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IMAC 2009 introduced some the technologies that were grossly underestimated until now. One of the greatest examples is LHE Co. Ltd. who introduced high tech plate heat exchangers at the exhibition to show that Korea too has a highly competitive technology to build plate-type exchangers. Considering the fact that most Korean domestic companies have long been importing the plate-type exchangers from foreign companies, finding an in-country product of excellent quality is like tripping over a bar of gold on your way to work.

Why LHE Plate-type Exchangers

Staff of LHE Company who were on hand to explain their products and services to visitors at IMAC 2009
The greatest strength of the LHE platetype exchanger is that it is one tenth the size of other plate-type exchangers. The less space one takes up, the more free spots a company gets. “LHE plate heat exchangers have the highest plate exchange rate and cannot be compared with other rival products,” continued Park Jae-hong, the Deputy General Manager. “Electric heat plates installed in the plate heat exchanger are designed with a corrugated pattern and a lack of dead space for a maximum heat exchange rate. Oblong plates and shell heat exchangers are products that took the advantages of plate heat exchange to upgrade the tanks for a multitype heat exchanger. The electric plate heater is corrugated in an oblong pattern. It is a cold-welded tech product that has the maximum length and heat exchange service for maximum heat exchange rate. The spiral heat exchanger is composed of two metal plates in a spiral shape to create a liquid flow path. It is designed to minimize the attachment to foreign objects that decreases heat exchange rate. By creating a complete cross-flow of the liquid, the heat exchange rate is maximized.” The wide range of LHE plate-type exchangers offers reasonable price at high quality.

Where is LHE in the Global Competition

LHE Co. Ltd. is currently the number one heat exchanger in Korea. Although the company was established in 2001, it made 120 trillion won (US$93.6 billion) in sales within three years and 70% of the sales are from exports. LHE products are currently ranked 6th in the industry, an impressive record. LHE welding technology and plate coil type technology are only done in three countries: Germany, Japan, and Korea. LHE plate-type exchangers are light and compact, highly efficient, reduce pollution, are durable at high temperature, and have a wide range of applications.


Although a majority of customers use LHE products in shipbuilding and engine cooling, the company expects that more buyers from construction sites, residential areas, and buildings will become its next business partners. Jorge De Paz from INITEC Energia, a leading engineering project in the energy sector in Spain, recently showed an interest in collaborating with LHE to be supplied with plate heat exchangers for future Egyptian projects. “We participated in IMAC 2009 to let people be aware that we have a highly competitive technology within Korea. Not only are we seeking to reach more domestic buyers, but we are seeking to interact more with leading global companies,” said Park.

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