IMAC 2009 Editor's List Award to Galaxia
IMAC 2009 Editor's List Award to Galaxia
  • Matthew Weigand
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The Galaxia Electronics booth at IMAC 2009 was quite impressive. Large, colorful panels hung from a circular ring, constantly changing their glow and their position. Curious onlookers that walked cautiously into the center of the ring were often obscured from view, swallowed up by the pulsating light walls. Rivers and waves of light played across the gently swaying panels. It was almost like magic.

Galaxia makes LED display panels, and they do good work. According to Ahn June Ku, deputy manager of Galaxia, the very same circular LED wall on display at the exhibition was used by singer Beyonce in one of her recent music videos. The company produces LED display walls for both indoor and outdoor use. The outdoor use models have pixels much closer together in order project a brighter, more noticeable image. One of the most famous installations of their technology is in Fremont Street in Las Vegas, which is completely covered with an LED Multimedia Display Show System using 12.5 million LEDs. It was installed in 2004. Their products have also been used in the 2008 Spike Awards and the 2009 Super Bowl Half-Time Show.

Straight from the Mouth

According to Galaxia Electronics CEO Seongnam Kim, Galaxia Electronics is a LED-oriented total solution company, devoted to developing and manufacturing creative LED displays and LED lighting systems.

This LED display wall was featured in a recent Beyonce music video
As a leading participant in building VIVA VISION, the world's largest LED Multi Vision installation in Las Vegas, the company was proudly named the official maintenance and repair contractor for FSE in 2007. This achievement highlights Galaxia's internationally recognized expertise in creative display design and multimedia display control technology.

Their main product line-up includes the WinVision, a multi-functional LED lighting display used for concert stadiums, event and show displays, architectural facades, and in the film industry. Its 48 bit color base can display a vast spectrum of colors, more than the normal personal computer. They also produce the ADECO and LUXMAX series of products, two acclaimed RBG lighting solutions brands used for architectural scenic displays and design.

Galaxia has recently completed R&D on white LED lighting products, which is expected to be a big market in the next few years. The LED market as a whole is one of the world's fastest growing markets, with innovations and developments evolving rapidly worldwide. Galaxia Electronics says that it strives to become a world-class company to respond to and lead market demands, as well as satisfy clients' needs through continuous investments in R&D.

CEO Kim said: “Once in a lifetime - a saying derived from the Japanese centuries- old tea ceremony - has a particular significance to Galaxia Electronics, and guides us in our focus and commitment to our valued customers. Once in a lifetime is our solemn promise to manufacture each and every LED product with the highest quality and credibility.”

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