Is the 'Net Becoming a Social Playground?
Is the 'Net Becoming a Social Playground?
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.04.01 10:02
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Minnesota, USA March 31, 2011- Over time it became obvious that the ways of the internet were changing- we are too 'internet social'. If anyone needs confirmation, the recent debut of Google +1 should be sufficient. I admit, it never occurred to me that my Google searching could somehow collide with the ways that I interact with family and friends. Strangely, I do not like it in the ways that I like Facebook or any other social network that I joined over the years. I understand the urge to share, but when is it too much


Google has the intent to help users find relevant search results based on the feedback that close friends and family have on similar searches. It makes sense that circles of friends have similar interests, locations, or other backgrounds which give them inside information that an algorithm cannot pick up. It might be the only 'plus' to the new feature. However, what one person sees as helpful or interesting does not necessarily mean that it is what I am looking to find. I assume that I am not the only person who feels this way about this recent addition to Google Search.


I join social networks for one reason, I want to socialize. I did not realize that any websites that I join would start pressuring me to use them for other reasons other than what I initially intended. Although I need to be signed into my Google account to see these 'recommendations' from my friends, I do not want to sign out of my account simply to keep myself from seeing them. I love Google, but I am unsure of this Google +1 business. Maybe this is one feature that just needs to grow on me like many other changes on other websites that I did not initially like.


There is part of Google +1 that could be intriguing; I am able to see that my friends had similar searches and found one or a few search results that were the most useful. It may actually help me understand my friends better. Sometimes I want to be a fly on the wall and I suppose that this is my chance. It is also less creepy on the internet than asking people strange or awkward questions. In addition, it could be a conversation starter after seeing these recommendations. Perhaps conversations could get a little awkward after this.

I may not be enthusiastic about this new feature, but I am willing to try it for the next few weeks. Then again, you and I do not have much of a choice in this. Social searching here we come!

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