Clean-up the Clutter in your Life
Clean-up the Clutter in your Life
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.04.02 06:23
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Sample of the Cozi Calendar

Minnesota, USA April 1, 2011- It may be April Fool's Day today, but the chaos in our lives is not a joke. We have lists and calendars for just about everything, yet we are still disorganized. It gets frustrating when some event or task on one of our calendars does not 'transfer' over to the other because of our busy minds that slip occasionally. It gets worse after we realize that we forgot to pick up certain groceries because we forgot our shopping lists. Little by little everything just stacks up each day. I am grateful for finding Cozi, an online organizing tool which features calendars, to-do lists, and other convenient tools all in one place.


Cozi, the sound of the name put a little comfort in my heart, consequently is putting comfort in my life. Cozi is a tool targeted specifically towards families who need to give each other reminders of everyday tasks or events and ensure that there are no conflicts in schedules that cannot be solved. It makes it easy to keep track of every family member's life and send out reminders; colors are given to each member so that each can look over what is coming up without having to look over every piece of the calendar- convenient, right


Convenient lists like this Groceries list accessible from anywhere


Cozi is not only great for families but for close friends or roommates who may want to line-up their schedules to ensure that all responsibilities are shared and everyone is safe. It could serve as a reminder tool that could ease anxiety if a roommate is not home when he or she usually is. It keeps people in touch even though they are always on-the-go.


Remind everyone with a


The calendars and lists can be accessed from anywhere- mobile phone, text messages, or the internet. Cozi gives the option for android or iPhones to install an app. People who prefer to use their computers are in luck as they can install the calendar and lists as a sidebar gadget. This offers flexibility for each individual to track everything in the ways that he or she prefers. If you are a outlook user, this site will easily sync with the calendar you already have created.

Alright, I am guilty of using many ways to track my responsibilities and appointments. I realize that 'more' is not always better - how often do we hear this I may remember to add information in one place and not the other. I always considered multiple lists and calendars to be 'back-up'. Undoubtedly, this method worked against me and I realized it more after I forgot the 'next most important thing' of the day. Maybe Cozi will help correct this chaotic disorganization of my life.


Remember specific times of your life by keeping a journal


It is spring, so not only do our homes need to be cleaned but also the ways that we keep up-to-date with everything needs to be cleaned as well. Clear the clutter of our lives and take the 'dis' out of 'disorganized'. I get it, at times we lack the motivation, but these frustrations whether they are frequent or not still take a toll on our lives. Perhaps we need a new revelation for the year- organization and harmonious living.

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