Seoul Motor Show 2011: Keeping Smart, Even on the Move
Seoul Motor Show 2011: Keeping Smart, Even on the Move
  • Kim Yea-rim
  • 승인 2011.04.02 18:24
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Today is the so-called 'Smart Age', where people can connect to each other via smartphones or other electronic devices. Now people would like to stay connected even on the move. At the Seoul Motor Show 2011, many automobile companies are introducing smart technologies on their cars.

Motion Sensor Moustick is a combination of haptic wheel and motion sensor that allows easy control of the car

Hyundai Motors could not just ignore this trend and in order to keep up with the consumer's needs in the Smart Age, they showcased the 'Smart Connectivity System'. Where this system coupled up with a smartphone is able to deliver all the content from your phone to your car and even synchronize it. In other words with the tap of your finger you can manage your daily schedule, check the weather and news while driving. Hyundai Motors also unveiled the 'Motion Sensor Moustick', which enhances the driver's convenience. It gives both hands on control as you navigate through the menus and it has hands-off motion sensing as well.

Nissan is also jumping on the bandwagon with its 'EV-IT Driving Support System' in the Nissan Leaf. The Nissan Leaf is 100 percent electric. That means is burns zero gas and produces zero emissions.  Through, the EV-IT remote, you are able to control all the functions, for instance the battery, air-conditioner and get all information about your car, even when you are outside.  If you set up the time you usually use the car, the car itself keeps the temperature and other conditions inside of car as you like.


Meanwhile, Hyundai MOBIS offers an android-based smart AV system display. This program enables drivers to detect the parking location of the user's vehicle, record maintenance information and even the ability to play games by using a tablet PC, mobile phone or smartphone. This system employs facial recognition technology to determine the driver's specific state by monitoring minute-by-minute changes in the driver's eyes and provides an alarm sound, and then relays a strong vibration to the seat when abnormal states are detected. Moreover, it will feature Brake by Wire (BBW), which generates braking power by electronic components rather than the traditional mechanical methods.


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