The World's Best Selling Cars at Seoul Motor Show 2011
The World's Best Selling Cars at Seoul Motor Show 2011
  • Kim Yea-rim
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Design, torque, and gas engine criteria are all graded and must reach an average grade of 'A'. The world's hot selling cars are spotted right here at the Seoul Motor Show 2011.

Of course, the Nissan Cube isn't cardboard, it isn't homemade and it costs a lot more than a castoff corrugated container. But, the upside is that it won't get soggy if left in the rain. This cartoon-like styling car is being loved by many people from 20's to 50's due to its timeless design and affordable price as well as spacious, functional interior. It's perfect for city use, and it proves to be less than comfortable on the highway.

It has been a dream for every man to drive the Wrangler once in his life time. Luckily for men, the New Wrangler gets tougher and fancier than before. The New Wrangler, Rubicon with new and more upscale interior is being showcased at the Seoul Motor Show 2011. This model is designed to celebrate its 70 years of existence. Stability control which is one of the reasons for its fame is still there and many other new features are available like heated seats, heated power mirrors, automatic climate control, and a steering wheel with buttons for the radio, cruise control, and Bluetooth connection.

If the Wrangler is for men, then the BMW MINI Cooper is for women. With four doors and four wheels, the space of the BMW MINI Countryman Cooper is larger than any other MINI model; surprisingly, it is even livable. Needless to say, the Countryman's ride quality is good as well. The taller body likely allows more suspension travel. The Countryman generally absorbs bumps rather than pound them into submission.

"The Corvette will be launched before the end of the year, but the exact date depends on the homologation process," GM Korea vice president Jay Cooney said. He added that several aspects of the vehicle including noise levels may need to be changed for the local market. In 2011 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 once again has proved itself that it's the fastest car by winning the Car and Driver Lighting Lap competition. Maybe, the ZR1 is also the hottest car ever made with 638 horsepower on tap.

Toyota's Corolla is the car you can easily find on the streets in America. Finally this well-selling production car is being introduced into the Korean market. The new model for 2011 is equipped with the more powerful four-cylinder engine and it has refined demeanor, and no-fuss operation. All in all, it's competent in every category.

Lexus LFA is something you have never seen from Lexus before. As a symbolic super car, it is full of racer technologies, high-revving 533 horsepower and a lightweight carbon fiber body. Plus, the 500 limited editions have already been sold out. And I'm afraid, Korean consumers will not be able to see this model in Korea, but you can check the Crystal Wind, which is made from acrylic glass and is on display at the Seoul Motor Show 2011.

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