Is Location-based Check-in Living up to its Expectations?
Is Location-based Check-in Living up to its Expectations?
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.04.05 09:36
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Location-based check-in was supposed to be revolutionary for marketing and social circles
Minnesota, USA April 4, 2011- Last Wednesday Ovum released a statement about Location-based check-in services in which Eden Zoller, principal analyst of Ovum, proclaimed, "We are witnessing a mobile social commerce gold rush but many of the companies coming to the market are doing so with 'me too' propositions. The wide availability of such undifferentiated services and growing competition could create fall-out." It takes us back to the days of 2009 after Foursquare released the first service which had the greatest expectations. People, such as business owners and enthusiastic, innovative professors, everywhere raved of the possibilities. Are we guilty of taking a tool with potential and turning it into a flop


Two years ago I sat in a college classroom with wide and eager eyes as my animated international marketing professor proclaimed 'location-based check-in services' as the next top marketing tool. He explained the potential that it had with the innovative companies. It looks like my professor and everyone else has been let down as it is not being creatively used as envisioned. What can we do if companies are not using it to stand out They get a big stamp of 'boring' in my book. We have seen enough of the same approach. It is not helping the businesses as well as the consumers. What is the point

In the recent months, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter added this feature to their websites. After years of let-down, I opted-out to get away from seeing the same strategy used by every company everywhere. No longer can I see the benefits of exposing myself as the risks outweigh everything else. I cannot say whether companies will change their ways, but I will change my mind if they do. Right now, I cannot get passed knowing that my location can be tracked if I am not benefiting from it at all. I want to see something new and customized to my needs. We all need the tool that lives up to its goals and expectations.

I consider myself open-minded, so I fear that everyone else is in the position that I am right now. We are wary to give this a chance. However, there is hope since Facebook is giving this tool another opportunity; perhaps companies will give us everything we need when it comes to unique marketing. I admit, I would love to be targeted if it offers the information that I want and need- everything customized to me with companies open to trying anything new.

We would love to hear your feedback on location-based check-in services, whether it is complaints or suggestions on how to make the service better. Please contact us by comment or email:

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