Seoul Commtech Shows Off Its Samsung Ezon Digital Door Locks at ISC-West 2011 in Las Vegas
Seoul Commtech Shows Off Its Samsung Ezon Digital Door Locks at ISC-West 2011 in Las Vegas
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amsung EZON digital door locks

A Samsung Group company, Seoul Commtech launched Five types of Samsung EZON digital door locks (SHS-7020, SHS-7120 , SHS-7100 & SHS-3420 & SHS-2320) developed specifically for U.S. markets.

Seoul Commtech will showcase the Samsung EZON digital door locks at the ISC (International Security Conference) that has being held in Las Vegas during April 6-8(Korea time).

The most noticeable feature of the Samsung EZON digital door locks developed for U.S. markets is that they were developed specifically for the locksets widely used in the U.S. so that the Samsung EZON digital door locks can easily be installed on door spots where traditional mechanical locks were located, without additional or separate installation processes.

With the access control module from HID which is widely used in the United States applied to the product, the Samsung ezon Door lock SHS-7120/7100/7020, SHS-3420 & SHS-2320, an integrated door handle type, is compatible with U.S. access control systems.

In addition, as door locks constitute part of access control systems in most cases in the United States, it is difficult to establish a secure market position without network technology required for access control systems.

In addition, the digital door locks developed for U.S. markets acquired the UL (Underwriter Laboratory) certification which is the requirement for the U.S. market entry, and the product safety features have been greatly improved by adding anti ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) and anti external shock functions.

Product design has become more sophisticated by combining both mechanical and electronic elements for U.S. local markets.

To meet the American consumers' preference for sturdy, practical door locks, the Samsung EZON door locks were designed with a focus on simplicity and strength.

Market-specific design features to fulfill U.S. customers' tastes are reflected in every detail of the product such as the angle of the keypad at which passwords are pressed and even the contour of the door lock handle, to name just a few.

As most American customers are not used to digital door locks yet, Seoul Commtech designed the products with a keyhole located at the center of the product for customers to open doors using a key, improving customers' familiarity with new digital door locks.

Instead of mechanical type, the product has a touch screen on which the password can be pressed to open the door using fingertips just like a cell phone, allowing the customers to use digital door locks with ease.

In addition to the state-of-the-art random security coding technology applied to the product, the keypad becomes visible only when the control button is pressed as the backlighting is turned on, giving the product an additional security feature. Special zinc alloy used for overall product material imparts even studier protection to the products.

"The Samsung EZON digital door locks are specifically designed with U.S. consumers in mind. We are receiving product inquiries from all over U.S.A." said Jung Mook Kim, CEO of Seoul Commtech. "We'll also launch more diverse products by applying advanced home security technologies widely used in Korea."

Seoul Commtech has expanded its overseas markets by exporting digital door locks made with its advanced home network technologies to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, and Japan, one of the most demanding markets in the world. 

Source: Seoul Commtech

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