Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles to Drive Up Industry
Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles to Drive Up Industry
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The Smart Vehicle Smart Road 2011

Now is the time to change from gasoline-powered cars to electric cars and hybrid cars. Even President Barack Obama has challenged automakers to put one million electric cars on the road by 2015. And many industry experts predict electronic vehicles will transform not only the automobile industry, but our lives. Just like the gasoline-powered cars led the development for the entire industry ranging from the ubiquitous filling stations to fast-food restaurants along highways. Along with this change, electric cars are expected to hit mass production and it's reasonable to think about what we need for developing smart cars and electronic vehicles.

Stefan Hoepfel, Senior Expert Sales in Siemens

To keep up with this change, the Smart Vehicle and Smart Road 2011 Seminar was held at Kintex from April 5 to 6 for two days while the Seoul Motor Show 2011 is showcasing various electronic vehicles in the hall. The seminar was for understanding the various changes in the ecosystem brought about by the appearance of new intelligent cars, such as smart cars and electric vehicles.

About 150 experts of the automobile industry including, Scott Mccormick from Connected Vehicle Trade Association and Stefan Hoepfel from Siemens were present to share information on the latest business models in Korea and the world's automotive industry as well as up-to-date industrial technologies and trends.

Stefan Hoepfel, Senior Expert Sales in Siemens had a presentation on "Electric Vehicles needs IT Technology". As oil prices peaked high in the world and the increase of CO2 emissions endangers climate, we are facing the need for a new way to use energy, which means achieving low-carbon economy is imperative. Accordingly global electricity production is expected to increase by 60 percent by 2030.

In an interview with IT Times, Stefan Hoepfel said, "Electric vehicle charging infrastructures are essential for electric cars in order to drive up the electric vehicle market," he continued, "Building an infrastructure is the most important factor to utilize and develop the electronic vehicles industry and market. Let's assume that you travel by electronic vehicle, you need to charge the battery for your vehicle and it might be really inconvenient if there is a few charging stations in the areas. In that manner, integration into household, parking solutions and electronic power systems as well as urban structures will be taken place in order to provide you with electronic mobility."

He added, "Electronic vehicles and electro-mobility infrastructure are part of the interacting smart gird, and the smart grid will ensure tomorrow's mobility." Lastly, he said, "Information and communication technologies will enable the interaction between electronic vehicles, connecting infrastructure and the power grid."

The seminar concluded with many other industry experts dealing with smart roads, technologies and standards as well as market status.

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