Jeon Hyo Sung Sexy Baseball Girl
Jeon Hyo Sung Sexy Baseball Girl
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Secret member Jeon Hyo Sung is famous and the it girl of her band so she's the focus of the latest hot K-pop girl to play some baseball. She shows off her powerful legs which looking here you can tell how much other photos must be photoshopped, but great balance and very flexible. Nearly as impressive as Yuri and Seo Hyun but not quite the form like Hong Soo Ah! Less ass cheek than Bae Doona to Hyo Sung's credit even though her hot pants and skirt are crazy short as always. She generally goes with the super short one-piece so this is a tame look for her.

Jeon Hyo-sung nice baseball technique


K-pop secret baseball girls


Source: KoreaInsider

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