TEIN3 to Become Four Times Faster
TEIN3 to Become Four Times Faster
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The third-generation Trans-Eurasia Information Network (TEIN3) will become four times faster. The Korea Communications Commission will launch TEIN3 in Seoul on Thursday. TEIN3, an international information network between Korea, Southeast Asia and Europe, was first suggested by Korea at the ASEM summit in 2000 for IT cooperation between Asia and Europe. TEIN was established between Korea and France in 2001.

Research on new information technologies has been conducted, including measurement of information network traffic between Korea and Europe using TEIN and studies on service quality and IPv6. This information network program has contributed to developing information technologies in developing nations in Southeast Asia through IT education and long-distance cultural exchanges.

With the launch of 2.5Gps TEIN3 it will be possible to conduct joint international research between Korea, China, Japan, Southeast Asian nations, Australia and Europe on uncompressed HDTV-based long-distance medical services, high-energy physics tests with the Europe Accelerator Center, and long-distance astronomical observation. As a result, Korea will more actively conduct joint research with other Asian nations and Europe on developing new communication-broadcasting fusion technologies for the transmission of large quantities of traffic.

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