'Kindle with Special Offers' to Enter the Market
'Kindle with Special Offers' to Enter the Market
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.04.13 06:42
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Minnesota, USA April 12, 2011- Expected to be released in May, Amazon's Kindle with Special Offers will be the possible dream -or nightmare- for those needing an e-reader but are not able to pay the $139 for the regular device. In exchange for a $25 discount - off of the $139 price- consumers could get their eager hands on this e-reader that will be everything the latest version contains except something more; the screensaver will feature advertisements instead of the typical 'author' pictures that circulate on the 'idle' times.


The upside of this is that people could have access to offers that are exclusive to this specific Kindle. Although it cannot be confirmed, the overall cost of books or other features could be dramatically different from the regular Kindle. However, I definitely cannot see myself trading in my model -which originally cost $189- just because of speculations on what is to come. Besides, my version has already grown on me and I cannot trade it for anything.

Curiosity around the ads that will be displayed on idle and start-up/shut-down time is increasing as I stare at my Kindle's screen. Being a black and white screen, it is obvious that the ads could not contain anything too fancy or 'noisy'. Basically, there is no way it could look like the annoying pop-up ads that we can see daily on the internet. Perhaps the owners of this Kindle will barely notice a difference. Again, there could be some perks to being in the 'know' at all times. I mean, I definitely do not get any benefit from seeing any authors' faces. How can I say that this version would be any less beneficial than what I have right now It is not like these ads would be displayed during reading time.

I envision that most of the ads that will plague this device will be either Kindle Store specific ads or possibly products sold on Amazon. Since the account where we buy other items on Amazon coincides with our Kindle account, it is possible that the ads shown on this Kindle will be customized to fit each consumer's needs. The data is there for Amazon to use, so it is a huge possibility. Again, this could be a dream for the avid deal-seeking shopper -a nightmare for those who hate shopping or need to fight the temptation to shop.

Currently Amazon is taking pre-orders for the Kindle with Special Offers; if you would like to be part of the bunch that sees their Kindles ship on May 3, now is the time to get started! To be a part of the ad-choosing, download the AdMash app.

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