Why (some) People Shouldn’t Teach English in Korea
Why (some) People Shouldn’t Teach English in Korea
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A video made by some English teachers who lived and heard about all those teaching in Korea horror stories. Of course these kinds of things can happen anywhere overseas, but there are just that many more it seems in Korea. No doubt do the the large number of teachers that are lucky enough to find good paying jobs here and also because the greed of some Korean "business" people who want to get a piece of this massive industry.

Some of these people clearly don't know how to treat people. The issues raised are somewhat cultural, like the contracts that evolve upon arrival at your hagwon, however the rest are just relatively isolated bad experiences. Yes, there are sadly true stories behind all these arguable racist comments. Probably some Wonjangs can see themselves in the character portrayed here, but many are going to outraged and disgusted by this. The  Korean labor board won't be too impressed either. Side note if you call their hotline then you will get someone who speaks English and you can always rely on the BBB translation organization.


Will KAFLA will have a response to this. Probably not. For those of you who are put of coming to Korea because of this. Don't be. These types of experiences are rare, although they do happen if you don't do a bit of due diligence and come to this great place ready for things to be different than the west and also ready to flexible like you likely never have been before. If you can do that you will be greatly rewarded not just with a good job, but a fantastic experience that most wouldn't trade for anything. If you can't well then some people just shouldn't come here. Look at this guy who I'm sure would like to rebut this video.

Source: KoreaInsider

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