Look at the Picture the Web Created of You
Look at the Picture the Web Created of You
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.04.16 07:20
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Minnesota, USA April 15, 2011- Over the last years, there is no doubt that everyone has heard that the internet is slowly gathering information on every user and creating the perfect image; however, the image may be slightly incorrect due to searches or posts that are not reflective of the actual individual. We may not think much as we are posting on social networks or updating statuses on IM (Instant Messenger), yet it shows up along with the billions of other data that was collected about us.

One of the sites that can give a preview of the collection of personal information is known as "Spokeo." Several months ago I giggled as I read some incorrect information about me. I admit that some of it was correct to the point where I felt uneasy that anyone could look at it; needless to say, I removed myself from the site.

It is free for anyone to see any general information about any data gathered on Spokeo; even the general information is impressive. For only a low price of $2.95/month for a contract length of 1 year, anyone can gain access to the largest amount of data that anyone can imagine.

Spokeo: A dream for companies or people who need to gain information about someone before hiring, going out on dates, or anything else, but a nightmare for those who are afraid of being stalked. We may fear what it says about us and our family members but love what we could find out about other individuals; the double edged sword in other words.

If you visit "spokeo.com", there are several ways in which you can retrieve information. First, you can simply search the basic way by full name. If you do not know someone's full name, you can even search by phone number or email. If that is not enough, the site can search through all of your e-mail contacts to retrieve possibly shocking information.

The type of information that is easily detected is phone number, address -along with pictures thanks to Google-, relationship status, estimated income, home value, interests, and much more. Basically, it should be in everyone's interest to discover what the site says about you so that you can possibly correct whatever is wrong. Then again, if you are like me, you will do it to get all of that information removed.

Happy information hunting!

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