Google Maps Gets U.S. Users Involved
Google Maps Gets U.S. Users Involved
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.04.20 07:04
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Minnesota, USA April 19, 2011- As of today, Google finally offers 'Map Maker' to U.S. users in order to get more accurate and detailed information of every nook and cranny; this tool was available in 183 other countries prior to the debut in the U.S. Although the reason for the later release is unknown, we know that everyone will benefit by having communities shaped and shown by people actually living in them. Users have the power to modify or add information that they believe other users should know about their communities.


In a press release, Google stated, "Map Maker users have mapped entire cities, road networks and universities that were never previously recorded online. These contributions have been incorporated into Google Maps and Google Earth, so the collective expertise of the Map Maker community benefits the millions of people using these products globally."

Google further explained, "You can help make the map complete in other ways as well, such as marking the bike lanes in your town or adding all of the buildings on your university campus so they appear in Google Maps. We've seen incredibly detailed contributions from power users worldwide, including this comprehensive map of IIT Bombay. We're eager to see you add the same level of detail to locations in the United States."

However, upon hearing this new method, some may be hesitant to use the maps since they fear people will inaccurately -possibly with bad intentions- post information that later proves to be entirely wrong. Google is a step ahead of the situation by requiring additions or modifications of maps to must be approved or denied by its users on the site. Basically, all information will be scrutinized at all times since anything can be modified or added at any time; this should be enough to calm your fears. Take care of your community information and you can expect that others will do the same about theirs.

The Map Maker tool offers users the ability to even draw in new buildings, roads, or almost anything else imaginable. If you are not comfortable making changes like this, you can explore your community and add as much description in words as possible. For instance, you can describe the inside of a local coffee shop with popular items on the menu while focusing on your favorites.

Since the U.S. is up to speed with Google mapping, get adventurous and get out there so that you can post as much amazing information as possible! Make Google Maps the dream for travelers.

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