Smartphone Content Synchronization Technology Conference
Smartphone Content Synchronization Technology Conference
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The Smartphone Content Synchronization Technology Conference

As the smartphone craze is mushrooming, the number of smartphone owners in Korea exceeded 10 million in 2010 and it is soon to reach 20 million by year's end. Mobile service providers carry various smartphone handsets, which have different OS systems. Since it's quite difficult to synchronize the contents from different devices and OSs, the need for synchronization technology is recognized.

Dr. Yang Jae-soo, the advisor to the governor of the province in information and communications

Under the theme of "Impact to Social Community and Industrial Appliance of Synchronization Technology in Smartphone", a conference which is jointly organized by KCnet Works and Smart Gyeonggi-do was held with a blast on April, 15, 2011 at the Seoul Partners House.

As proving the high interest of synchronization technology, around 120 related companies and technology investors came together for the event. Renowned presenters speaking at the conference included: Dr. Yang Jae-soo, the advisor to the governor of the province in information and communications, David Inglis, CEO of SIMchronise, Kwon Hee-choon, the vice president of Korea Agency of Digital Convergence and Lio Lee, the director of KCnet Works.

The conference began with Dr. Yang, commenting on the importance of Social Network Service (SNS) and the cultural contents, Dr. Yang said, "Gyeonggi-do has been actively pushing ahead with building IT-based social welfare net for better communication with the public. Gyeonggi Province offers Nuri Map mobile service, which contains information about tourist places in Gyeonggi-do. It also is connected with SNS, so people can share the information with their friends easily. Besides, Gyeonggi Province is planning to build the 'SW Conversance Center' to expand the local software industry."

David Inglis, CEO of SIMchronise talked about the company's technology by saying, "Quite simply, our technology is for mobile phone backup and recovery. Backup, synchronize and restore the content from phone to cloud via mobile internet." The mobile phone data synchronization solution is capable of capturing all the data from the phone, and storing this data online in secure user accounts. All solutions are web based and require GPRS to communicate. A simple user experience combined with attractive graphics and regionally focused marketing strategies ensures mass user acquisition.

David Inglis, CEO of SIMchronise

Kwon Hee-choon, the vice president for Korea Agency of Digital Convergence said, "Occasionally Connected Smartphone Client's Synchronization means empowering users to leverage their computer, applications, data and files regardless of network availability." As the network comes available, the application will automatically synchronize their work and log conflicts for the user to resolve. Mr. Kwon expects that the technology will be actively used in sale fields. "It will enable multi-level marketing through many platforms such as, browsers, desktops, tablet PCs and smartphones, the technology also opens up opportunities for field staff to swap tasks between themselves, or bid for tasks' in real-time, giving some of the power of scheduling back to the workforce." Among occasionally connected devices, Window CE, Pocket PCs and smartphones become the center of its core technologies. He also emphasized, "Synchronization technology is a must!"

Lio Lee, the director of KCnet Works introduced the company's newly launched technology, Sync-i. Sync-i is the content integrated management service that synchronizes most of the content on smartphones and it provides various functions including backing up and restoring all the information on smartphones to the web-server. What differentiates their technology from others Sync-i synchronizes all the content from phone-to-phone freely regardless of the type of phone or OS.

It contains three different synchronization technologies, Smart Couple Sync, Smart Group Sync and Smart Bank. Smart Couple Sync mutually synchronizes content information between couples. Smart Group Sync provides a shared environment for work, so that it can draw high efficiency and increase productivity. Meanwhile, Smart Bank enables backup and restore for customer's content on a new phone by keeping customer's information on the web. Needless to say, safety of information is secured. The presentation concluded with intense discussions about synchronization technology and its uses were further explained.


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