Guilty until Proven Innocent: Apple, Google, and more Phone Users
Guilty until Proven Innocent: Apple, Google, and more Phone Users
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.04.23 03:40
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Minnesota, USA April 22, 2011- Although it was recently reported that Apple iPhone tracks and logs its users' moves as well as Google phones, it is likely that most people already had suspicions that this was already happening - not only with these I might add; it was not news but rather confirmation when reports came out.


However, it sparked anger in most people who believe that privacy is a right; it seems that the digital age skewed the understanding of 'property' - houses, cars, and physical belongings are obvious examples- but what about the 'invisible' trails of data Anything obtained by not physically 'entering' is put on the line.


Obviously this data is used by law enforcement who do not need a 'search warrant' to obtain it; does this mean that everyone is considered guilty until proven innocent Is data being kept just in case someone needs it in the future

I see too many problems with this as do many people. First, we are not the only ones who use our phones, so it might not always be us in those saved or set locations. Second, no information should be stored about us if we have not done anything unlawful. Third, we should not have to worry that somehow someone will tap into this 'power' wrongfully and use it as a stalking device; the idea of 'big brother' should be the least of our worries - think about the people who could do serious harm to 'acquaintances', informants, or other innocent people.

Then again, we must also realize that technologies help us locate lost persons or even fugitives if a particular phone is on the people at the time. It could also show an accurate 'timeline' in the cases where someone goes missing and is later found dead.

We must ask ourselves, is the loss of privacy worth the possible harmful situations it could cause What about the situations it could prevent Furthermore, what about the moments it might stop Perhaps it depends on 'who' gets access to this information.

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