Korea to Lead the Global Convergence
Korea to Lead the Global Convergence
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Choi Joong-kyung, Minister of Knowledge Economy

My respected fellow citizens of information technology (IT), I congratulate this IT Day with every person of this nation. 127 years ago, on this very day, the first post office was established. After adopting the post office as a modern communication system, it was rapidly developed into IT to play a major role in our economy by forming one-third of our nation's exports.

Last year, Korea achieved US$ 153.9 billion worth of exports, which is the greatest exportation result of all time. Thanks to InfoTech to play a vital role to raise Korea's global exports to rank as the seventh largest exporter worldwide.

Also, with 40,000 employees working in harmony, the post office business also made a monumental landmark as number one in customer satisfaction for 12 consecutive years and operating in the black for 13 consecutive years.

This kind of achievement is not done by chance. This achievement was only possible through your own hard work in order to reach the set goal. I lavishly praise your hard work and passion, and also congratulate heartily for those who received honorable merits.

My fellow citizens of IT, by making our national income increase to US$ 40,000, we should now leap to a country with advanced economy.

Currently, our government has placed convergence on the core of InfoTech policy and is trying its best to take the lead in the rapidly growing global convergence market. First, by concentrating mainly on creating new growth engines by converging IT with different industries and the government

In order for convergence to spread in all fields, the government legislated industry convergence promotion law needs to be established and through cultivating talented personnel in the field of convergence will ensure continued growth for years to come.

Also in the field of post office business, by opening the post office network to ordinary people, we will enable different kind of convergence services. For the convenience of ordinary people in the usage of post office finance, we will expand the mobile finance service as well. But I believe that your role as citizens of InfoTech is truly important in order for our country to take the lead in the global convergence market. Therefore, I sincerely ask for your support.

First of all, I would like to suggest the entrepreneurs to turn your eyes to the convergence market and actively participate in investment projects. Also, I would like to ask you to create a management culture within your organization that is appropriate for convergence. For convergence to bear fruit, creativity and diversity should be promoted.

Last but not least, I ask you to create an industrial ecosystem where major firms recognize small businesses as partners and promote combination growth.

My respected fellow citizens of IT, 30 years ago, we had nothing, but now we stand firm as a strong nation of InfoTech. Commercializing CDMA for the first time in the world, attaining first place in the memory chip industry, establishing the world call mail distribution system, and many more, we created results that surprised the world.

Starting was a challenge and every moment was a crisis, but by the passion of creating new history, we did it. And now is the time for Korea to lead the global convergence market and the global IT industry.

I wish for tremendous success in IT and in everything you do.

Thank you.

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