Celebrations Held for the 44th Science Day
Celebrations Held for the 44th Science Day
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President Lee Myung-bak invites science and technology experts for a luncheon in oder to celebrate the 44th Science Day

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) honored 78 people with the Order of Science and Technology Merit, the Po Medal (second grade of honor) and citation from the President and Prime Minister during the 44th Science Day Ceremony held at the Gwacheon National Science Museum, Eoulim Hall.

The Changjo Medal, the highest ranking medal, was received by the President of the Korean Academy of Nuclear Safety, Lim Yong-kyu, Nam Soo-woo, the honorary professor at KAIST and Lee Bon-soo, the president of Inha University.

President Lim Yong-kyu has contributed to the development of the nuclear energy industry, improvement in level of safety, establishing the foundation of nuclear safety management and student education in Korea for over 50 years. He contributed in commercializing radioactive isotopes and strengthening cooperation and diplomatic ties on nuclear energy between Korea and the USA. Moreover, Mr. Lim was recognized for his role in the development of the Korea Nuclear Society and globalization of license testing, which laid the foundation for the export of local nuclear reactors. In addition, he played a key role in determining to preserve Korea's first research reactor, while continuously making efforts in enhancing awareness on nuclear energy and safety issues.

Professor Nam Woo-soo, the honorary professor at KAIST, has greatly contributed to Korea's development for over 30 years with efforts in education and research by releasing some 321 study papers and educating 127 graduates with advanced degrees. In research, he succeeded in developing an armored car (K200) and enabled mass production of it. He also invented non-heat-treated aluminum alloys (first in Korea) with higher strength and superior ductility and achieved internationally-accredited Aluminum Alloy number (AA6024), which paved the way for domestic production and export.

President Lee Bon-soo of Inha University has made major contributions to education and research in the area of chemistry while working as a professor for 36 years since 1957 and serving as Chairperson of the Korean Society of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry and Korean Chemistry Association. Since his inauguration as Inha University's President, he has supported the school to take a leading role in R&D and transfer its own technologies to corporate businesses, which greatly contributed towards strengthening the competitiveness of companies and the development of Korea's economy.

44th Science Day

Meanwhile, the President of Korean Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI), Lyu Tae-hwan, received the Hyeoksin Medal (2nd ranking medal), along with Kang Min-ho, the professor at KAIST, Lee Jong-min, a chair-professor at GIST, Kim Ji-young, the professor at Kyung Hee University and Yu Seoung-eun, the principal research engineer at Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology.

The Woongbi Medal (3rd ranking medal) was given to five scientists and engineers, including Park Yong-su, the professor at Yonsei University. The Doyak Medal (4th ranking medal) was given to seven people including Lee In-sun, the vice-president at Kye Myung University and the Jinbo Medal (5th ranking medal) to eight people, including Park Bang-joo, the manager at JoongAng Daily.

The Po Medal was given to eight people including Lee Hyung-gyu of Korea Research Institute or Bioscience & Biotechnology, and citation from the President to 18 people, including Jang Young-sik, the director at Hyundai Heavy Industries and citation from the Prime Minister to 24 people, including Kim Jeong-sun, the professor at Dong Seo University.

MEST is annually discovering and awarding scientific technicians who have made significant contribution in the development of science and technology in Korea, with aims to enhance the honor of scientific technicians with a sense of pride.

Looking into the 2011 Nominee selection process, planning on award scheme was finalized in December 2010, followed by gathering recommendations from universities, research institutes and corporations for one month between December 22 and January 22 of 2011. A list of 313 candidates and six additional candidates were recommended by the Nominee Recommendation Committee were narrowed down to 78 candidates through screening by section, overall examining in Feb. 25 and contribution evaluation in March 30.

Nominee Evaluation Committee singled out nominees and determined grades of award through overall consideration of contribution, work experience and amount of time contributed, and after achieving approval from the Award Evaluation Committee at MEST, the final list of recommendations is submitted to the Ministry of Policy and Safety.

In the mean time, 6,304 people won awards during the ceremony including 201 with the Order of Science and Technology Merit from MEST and 253 teachers and 5,850 kids are recognized with outstanding achievement in science and technology.

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