Lee Kun-hee, Samsung Gets Back at Apple
Lee Kun-hee, Samsung Gets Back at Apple
  • Kim Yea-rim
  • 승인 2011.04.24 03:45
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Apple has sued Samsung, claiming that Samsung has copied the design of the iPad and iPhone for its range of Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Apple was Samsung's second-largest client last year, buying chips, screens and other components. After a week following the lawsuit by Apple, Samsung stepped up and countersued Apple for violating patents covering cell phone transmission technologies.

Samsung Electronics Chairman, Lee Kun-hee commented about the lawsuit, when he made a rare appearance at Samsung Electronics building located in Seocho-dong on April, 21, 2011. Mr. Lee came to the office around 10 in the morning and had lunch with the team managers of the Future Strategy Department, which was launched last year in order to prepare Samsung for the next 60 years. When he was looking around the public relations office of Samsung Delight, a reporter asked, "How do you like the office" He answered, "The Building is nice and I will be reporting on general things about the group."

In regarding the current situation with Apple, he remarked by saying, "It is not only Apple, but even those outside the IT industry trying to keep Samsung at bay. It's a matter of wanting to hammer in a protruding nail."

In fact, legal battles between tech companies are quite common to happen. However, since Samsung and Apple seem to get along by respecting each other's boundaries, the battle between these rival companies does stand out. In a statement, Samsung said, "The lawsuit is to protect our intellectual property and to ensure our continued innovation and growth in the mobile communications business." Also, according to Samsung, "The technology patent is for energy-efficient data transmission, 3G technology that decreases the number of data-transmission errors, and a means for using a phone to provide a PC with a wireless connection."

Meanwhile, market experts see this situation as Apple's attempt in order to keep its competitor in check. It is because Samsung has emerged as a rival with its Galaxy series. Even though Samsung's Galaxy models came three years after the first iPhone, Samsung has since moved much quicker to keep up with Apple's first-rate innovations. Samsung now commands 10 percent of the global smartphone market, from only four percent in 2009. And Samsung's new class of Android -based smartphones and tablets in the Galaxy family line will be released in the near future.

Market watchers and tech-savvy customers assume that this is an indirect attempt for Apple to restrain the Android market. It might be because lots of industry expert's foresee Android holding almost half the smartphone market within the next few years and Apple got intimidated by this.

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