KES 2011: Korea's Global Electronic Storm is Thundering
KES 2011: Korea's Global Electronic Storm is Thundering
  • Kim Yea-rim
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Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo is held in in Moscow, Russia

On April 14, a special electronic exhibition was held in Moscow, Russia, which attracted the eyes of the world. It was the Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo, which saw the like of 9 participating countries and among the exhibitors - more than 300 companies, including major global brands Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, Olympus, Epson, HP, Xerox, Mitsubishi Electric, General Electric and others. The exhibition attracted more than 145 thousand people.

Russian dancers held a spectacular performance by dancing to the Korean girl group SNSD's famous song "GEE." Samsung is to join this exhibition next year; Korea Electronics Association (KEA) is planning to make 15 Korean small electronic businesses to join this exhibition.

(From left) Francis Kang, Director of KEA; Alexander Vasilyev, President of RATEK ;Oksana Sukhova, Vice President of MIDEXPO

About the exhibition, KEA's Director, Francis Kang said, "The exhibition was well composed with many attracting sources." While the largest national electronic exhibition, KES 2011 is waiting to be opened in October. Director Kang met the heads of RATEK (Russian Association of Trading Companies and Manufacture of Consumer Electronics and Equipment), APEAP (Russian Association of Manufactures of Electronics and Electronic Devices), and MIDEXPO, which is an exhibition organizing committee to sign a contract of partnership in order to promote the development of the electronic industry in both countries.

Through the partnership with KEA, MIDEXPO which is already in a partnership with England, America, and other exhibition committees, is in charge of establishing cooperation with KES and to advertise KES in order to attract companies to participate.

Gorbushka is one of the huge media and electronic markets in Russia

RATEK with 20 related dealers of Russia's big four distributors Gorbushka, M.VIDEO, Eldorado, TechnoSila are planning to participate in the upcoming KES 2011 in October and hold a seminar on the "Electronic Industry and Distribution System." APEAP recruited buyers from 50 companies that are willing to participate in KES 2011.APEAP is also going to visit Korea for market information exchange, mutual cooperation, and MOU agreement.

Mr. Kang said, "Russia is a country with the best developed distribution system in the world. It is impressive to see cooperation from all over the world and functioning ordinarily." He also added, "Russia's well developed consumption structure was also very impressive."

Director Francis Kang who has revealed strong ambition of making KES as one of the world's greatest electronic exhibition shows, visited Indonesia, Taiwan, China and the Philippines last month and was able to attract these said countries for KES 2011.

It is not hard to meet Samsung

He is also planning to visit Nigeria, Thailand, Dubai, and Israel to establish a bigger global network.

In relation to this, the Indonesian Electronic Federation decided to participate in KES 2011. Also, Shenzen city of China promised to send government representatives and entrepreneurs to hold a seminar and consumption session in KES 2011. The upcoming KES 2011 will surely make October the month that we never forget.


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