Multi-Functional and Price Perfect Kindle
Multi-Functional and Price Perfect Kindle
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
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Minnesota, USA April 28, 2011 - The convenience of the e-reader Kindle is that it cuts down on what a person needs to carry.  However, most people tend to forget that the Kindle can do more than offer e-books; it can also be a good way of storing documents and webpages to be used at a later time. In addition to this, we also overlook the inexpensive ways to obtain books that could really make reading more enjoyable. Sometimes there is no way to understand how an e-book can be almost as expensive as the traditional hardcover or paperback books.


eReaderiQ makes it easy to find the cheaper books that you want


Sending made Easy

After I bought my Kindle over a year ago, I struggled in trying to get documents sent to it. I knew the many ways that it could be done, but it sometimes did not work as planned. I hated having documents that were too large to be sent for free or end up with a format that looked somewhat funny. Fortunately a website known as "Kindlebility" is at least making it easy for people to get webpages - including photos - saved to their Kindles.

In order to take advantage of this service, you must enter your Kindle e-mail address; this can easily be found in your Kindle settings or Amazon Kindle account. Make sure that you access your Amazon account to allow Kindlebility to send your device e-mails by entering it into the 'approved e-mail list' - under the e-mail: From this point, it's as easy as clicking an icon on a webpage to have it directly sent to your Kindle or you can also drag it to have it sent.

If you are still interested in sending plain documents to your Kindle, make sure that you use the e-mail address. It is not very quick, but Amazon gives great instructions on how to do this by having your Kindle connected by USB. It will require the document be sent to be converted. Again, it is not quick like what Kindlebility is with webpages.

Books for Less

Sometimes it is frustrating to find books that are within our 'reading budgets'; fortunately, there is a site out there called, "eReader iQ" which primarily focuses on tracking down the free or inexpensive books - including price drops. For me, the most convenient part of the site is that I can keep an eye on a book and will receive an update from the site if there is a price drop.

It is thrilling to click on a top-rated book and be re-directed to Amazon to find out that there is a large difference between the traditional print book and the e-book. Perhaps this could be a sign that e-books will keep reducing in price as they seem to be high for digital content - we can only hope there will be a price reduction. In the meantime, we need to sort through sites like this to find the reading treasures. We do not need to pay a high price for a quality book. Happy e-reading!

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