Do It With A Bump
Do It With A Bump
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.04.30 07:44
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Minnesota, USA April 29, 2011 - ING Direct Investing is jumping on the wagon when it comes to offering services to simplify its customers' needs. Many iPhone users are already making use of the 'Bump Technology', the craft of knocking phones together to pass basic information, which ING is currently using to make financial transactions between people much more convenient; however, it only works between ING direct customers so do not get too excited yet. Although, it is likely that other banks will catch on to the new trend and possibly make transferring to other banks slightly more easy.


For those who swear they can live without smart phones, it is clear that these phones are not about 'gaming', quick tweeting, or lately the feared 'stalking' device; in reality, they are about getting businesses and app developers together to create a quicker way of doing things - maybe this movement can be called 'fast information' - since our schedules are too filled up to take the time to write out a check, exchange numbers, or any other regular task.


This is a wonderful concept that may blow up in our faces one day just as 'fast food' did. For now, I can only see the useful side of it; could there really be that much 'bad' in the faster speed of exchanging data Perhaps it will be easier for people to steal other people's data, but let's not think about that right now. We must nurture this development to get businesses to work a little harder for us; we spend - or in this case store our money - in businesses so it is our turn to get more out of it.

Other Possibilities

I must admit that the moment I heard about this new 'bump' technology weeks ago, I was slightly hesitant about the idea until I thought deeper. If we could pass basic data in this manner, it could be any data; for instance, we could pass a list of our 'favorite e-books' which could make it easy to recommend books to friends; in addition it could be possible for us to 'lend' books to others and get it back with just a bump. I cannot say if this will come to be, however it is important to get ideas to circulate so that app developers and businesses give us what we want.

Perhaps this could go so far that one app will be created - instead of having apps for every kind of business transaction - so that smart phone users will not need to overfill their phones with thousands of apps. Certainly this 'bump technology' could lead to bigger and greater possibilities, but for now we will just need to wait and see what is to come.

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