Ambassadors, Chamber Heads in Korea
Ambassadors, Chamber Heads in Korea
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Thomas C. Hubbaard
Ambassador of the United States of America to Korea
To the Readers of Korea IT Times

It is my pleasure to congratulate the Korea IT Times on its inaugural issue. As Korea's only Englishlanguage publication for technology leaders, the Korea IT Times is bound to play an important role in this dynamic industry.

Korea is a world leader in communications technology and during my time here I have been fortunate to observe this leadership firsthand. While the technologies involved change rapidly, Koreans have shown the innovation and hard work necessary to succeed in this competitive global market. I am confident Korea IT Times will contribute to the important goal of making Korea the "Hub of Asia."

We live in an exciting time as the Internet extends to the furthest corners os the globe and instantaneous communication becomes commonplace for billions of people. Technologies that bring people together across continets and cultures can contribute to making the world a more open and peaceful place. I again congratulate the Korea IT Times on their part in this exciting endeavor and send my best wishes for this project's success.

H.E. Li Bin
Ambassador of China
Congratulatory message by the Ambassador

A new monthly magazine-Korea IT Times aiming at introducing the IT industry of the Republic of Korea to the outside world has come out. On the occasion of its first publication, I would like to extend to you my heart-felt congratulation! As the development of IT has ushered in an exciting and fast-changing era, Korea IT Times will serve as a window for the mutual understanding between ROK and the rest of the world.

It is well-known that the advancement of IT industry in ROK for almost ten years, particularly in the aspects such as R&D, Creativity, technological industrialization of information technology, has given a great impetus to the economic development.

I hope that Korea IT Times will provide a platform for information sharing among different sectors in IT circle, give full play to its role as a bridge for China-ROK IT cooperation, make favorable contributions to the regional economic development.

I wish great progress to Korea IT Times!

P. S. Ray
Ambassador of India
Expect complementarity role between two countries

I am glad to know that the Korea Digital Communications Corporation, a pioneer in the field of information and telecommunication for the past thirty two years, will be launching a new monthly magazine specializing in IT sector called "Korea IT TIMES". Publication like this will go a long way in creating better awareness and understanding about the rapidly developing IT industry in the Republic of Korea.

Whereas the Republic of Korea is very strong in IT hardware, India has emerged as a global player in IT software. Software exports grew from 9.8 billion US dollars in fiscal year 2002-03 to 12 billion US dollars next year. Exports of IT and related services are expected to reach 57 billion US dollars by 2008. The BPO sector is growing at 60-70% annually. Complementarity between the ROK and India needs to be explored and synergised. I think, media can play a very important role in this. I congratulate the publishers and wish them a grand success in their new endeavour.

H.E.Teymuraz O.Ramishvili
Ambassador of Russia
Furthering Cooperation Between Korea and Russia

As is widely known, IT is the most rapidly developing industry in the world and the main economic growth engine of the Korean economy. Russia has also been paying great attention to the development of its IT industry and now has very advanced results in a number of IT sectors.

Our countries, Russia and South Korea, deeply understand the importance of international cooperation for further enhancement of their IT industries. For this reason, the agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Korea on science and technology cooperation was concluded in 1990 followed by agreements on industrial cooperation, and cooperation in the field of telecommunications and information technologies. In the framework of joint research programs sponsored and supported by the governments of Russia and South Korea, Russian and Korean research institutes realized more than 20 joint IT projects in the most advanced sectors of IT including microcomputers, nanomaterials, laser technologies, optoelectronics, new radioceramics, ion implantation technology, new program products and new LED technology.

I hope that your new magazine, Korea IT Times, will contribute to the further development of cooperation between our countries in IT field.

William Oberlin
President, American Chamber of Commerce in Korea
Catalyst in Promoting Business Between Korean and Foreign IT Companies

The demand for swift and accurate information has never been greater at this time of Korea's remarkable growth in the IT industry. A specialized publication such as Korea IT Times demonstrates a grand initiative in supporting the advancement of Korea's IT sector and technological innovation.

Given the rapid growth of the Korean IT industry, we are in need of more information at a faster rate and with more accuracy. The establishment of the Korea IT Times, offering the latest trends in the IT industry in English, will be a huge step in fostering more foreign investment and enabling faster flow of technology. In addition, it will serve as a catalyst in promoting business between Korean and foreign IT companies for increased productivity and synergy through technological cooperation.

On behalf of American Chamber of Commerce in Korea, I would like to congratulate the Korea IT Times on its successful launch and look forward to witnessing the advancement of the Korean IT sector with the services of the Korea IT Times.

Frans Hampsink
President, European Union Chamber of Commerce in Korea
Helping to Promote Trade and Relations Between Two Sides

On behalf of the European Union Chamber of Commerce(EUCCK), I would like to express our congratulations to the Korea IT Times magazine on its launch and publication of its first issue. The launch of Korea IT Times marks a critical and exciting point in the relationship between Korea and the European Union.

The European Union became the biggest foreign investor in Korea in 2003 and remains one of Korea's most important trade partners. Our investments in Korea are also a sign of confidence in this country. The European Union Chamber of Commerce represents today the opinion, ideas but also difficulties of 700 members doing business in Korea and dealing daily with issues.

The EUCCK would be pleased to take steps with the Korea IT Times in helping to promote trade and relations in the IT industry between Korea and the European Union.

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