Digital Gift Ideas for Mom
Digital Gift Ideas for Mom
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
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Minnesota, USA May 6, 2011- We are just a couple days away from Mother's Day; like many, you may be scrambling through all the high-tech possibilities to give your mom a gift that is hassle-free - plus gift wrap-free as well.  The days are numbered now, so there is little chance to find that perfect gift that you could wrap -or have wrapped for you - that could have as big of an impression as you would like. If you did not wait until the last minute, you could have saw deals on unique items like a high-tech coffee mug where her coffee is kept warm while she can charge her USB connective devices; however, it is still possible to give your mom a gift that matches her likes as much as any unique devices do.

1. Kindle E-books/Games


Even if your mom does not own a Kindle, you may be lucky enough that her cell phone -or even a computer - could support the software so that she can view e-books on it; maybe there is a classic book she loves that she has not been able to find in print or she hinted at an interest in reading a book that was sold-out at local stores. Imagine the pleasant surprise after she realizes that she can still get her hands on it without having to wait for the bookstore to get another order! Then again, you can take a risk and browse through the many e-books to discover a book that could interest your mother. If you are not the adventurous type, you can always get a digital gift card so that your mom can pick something out by herself!

Sometimes everyone needs a break from reading, even your mom, so a game sent to her Kindle may be the best break she can get. For readers, word games are the best and especially the classics! It would not be a bad idea to download a few of the new 'free games' as well so that your mom can try those out to see if she likes those games as well. Beware: your mom may get overexcited while playing and start cursing.

2. iTunes Music/Movies/TV shows

If you get access to your mom's computer, it could be the perfect surprise to create a list of her favorite songs or download some of her favorite movies that are not a part of her collection already. In addition, it is easy to give her a 'season pass' to most of her favorite shows so that she does not miss any of the episodes while going through her busy schedule of working and loving you. Nothing is much better than letting your mom know that you want her to sit down and relax.

3. Online Movie Subscriptions (Netflix)

Even though you likely have a Netflix subscription, your mom might not so this could be the chance to introduce her to the wonders of it! If there is a wii, xbox 360, or ps3 in the house, you could really be in luck because these devices could be used to stream online movies and shows to her large screen TV - the same relaxing 'movie experience' is a plus. By the way, your mom could even watch it on an iPhone or iPad if she has one. Who can object to having unlimited access to all this content as well It is giving her an excuse to relax like she should!

4. Electronic Gift Card

Although this would be the last resort, most retailers give the option for buying electronic gift cards. Even though you may not know what your mom wants exactly, there is always a way to make sure that she gets exactly what she wants. She also does not need to go through extra effort of going to the store with the traditional gift card. In a way, you are also caring for the generations to come by eliminating the waste of the card.  Again, this lacks personalization, so it should be the absolute last resort. Remember to show your mom that you care by putting as much effort into her gift as possible!

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