[Security] Virus Killer / Hauri
[Security] Virus Killer / Hauri
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Aim: To Join the Ranks of Top Five Anti-virus Companies in the Global Market by 2008

Hauri (www.hauri.co.kr), which is becoming a computer virus expert providing diverse anti-virus solutions, launched new CBD-based solutions in May 2004. Hauri launched 'Live Call Sweet', 'ViRobot Desktop 5.06' and 'ViRobot ISMS' to upgrade existing vaccines for desktops, groupware file servers, gateway servers and total management systems and to enhance basic anti-virus functions. The company plans to develop new markets for vaccines related to network virus blocking solutions and network equipment. The company is also aiming to gain market share in the personal security market by enhancing PC security solutions. Through diverse marketing and promotion strategies based on diverse solutions, the company plans to raise its domestic market share from 25 percent to 30 percent.

Hauri also plans to extend its vaccine business to mobile fields. Recently the company made a contract with Hyundai Department Store to supply vaccines for PDAs (personal digital assistants) called the 'ViRobot Wireless for Windows CE'. Kwon Seok-cheol, CEO of Hauri, forecast that the market for mobile vaccines for PDAs and mobile phones would grow continuously because increasing numbers of business sites used PDAs as payment terminals.

To sharpen its competitive edge, the company set a long-term vision to accelerate its growth as a company specializing in providing total solutions related to computer viruses and security in domestic and overseas markets. To efficiently drive this vision, Hauri developed detailed strategies to improve the productivity of virus-related products, the image of the company and its brands. Hauri plans to reshuffle its solution groups to enhance the function of its products and differentiate them from those of its competitors.

"Hauri focuses on existing PC and server security fields and others such as medical and semiconductor equipment which can be damaged by the attack of external viruses," said Kwon. "Hauri plans to join the top five companies in the global vaccine market in 2008 to celebrate its 10th anniversary, achieving \250 billion of annual sales revenue."

Hauri is operating seven overseas affiliates in such countries as Japan, China and the United States. To be transformed into a global company, Hauri plans to enhance its quality control through the achievement of patents for vaccine-related technologies, and software and vaccine certification.

Recently, the overseas affiliates of the company reported successful business results. The affiliates in Mexico passed the break-even point in the first quarter of this year. The affiliate in the United States recorded over $100,000 of sales revenue in the same first quarter. That amount was larger than the total sales in 2003.

The company will methodically rearrange its 'fast and systematic customer support services' to maintain continuous competitiveness and customer loyalty. Hauri plans to extend its partnership programs from security fields to IT hardware and other software fields to enhance the synergy effect.

Hauri set a goal of \12 billion of annual sales this year. The company expects its overseas sales will grow from \820 million in 2003 to \5 billion in 2004. To further increase its sales, the company is actively seeking new customers in the domestic financial industry and public service fields.

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