The Warm Weather Takes Away the ‘Heat’; De-stress your Life with the ‘Oh, Don’t Forget’ Service
The Warm Weather Takes Away the ‘Heat’; De-stress your Life with the ‘Oh, Don’t Forget’ Service
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.05.11 11:05
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Minnesota, USA May 10, 2011- In the Midwest the weather is finally starting to heat up; this puts a bounce in our steps and an ever-growing desire in our hearts to relax. Unfortunately for the busiest of us, we do not get a moment of relaxation due to the stressing over getting to our appointments or ensuring that others make it to theirs as well; worrying comes with caring, however it is time to discover a new service, 'Oh, Don't Forget', which will care for you so that you do not need to worry.



'Oh, Don't Forget' is a free service that texts reminders at the scheduled time as specified by the creator of the reminder. Basically, it is easy to pop into this website and input any schedule data that you need prior to 'forgetting' it; there is no need for paper and pencil nor the long process of inputting characters into your phone's calendar. It is easier to ignore the 'reminder' tones of the calendar than the incoming text ring, so it instantly gets the attention of the phone number's owner whether it is for you or a loved one.

The part of 'Oh, Don't Forget' that appeals to most people is that a registration is not required in order to use the service -unless you choose to upgrade to the premium service for USD4.95/month or 47.50/year. The basic free service allows anyone to send text messages; if you need reoccurring reminders or access to an address book, the premium service is the way to go. With both services, standard text charges apply according to the plan; if you have unlimited -or a large allowance for texts-, this should not be a problem.

This reminder tool is perfect for all the caregivers in your life; maybe there will be an emergency at work which entails going into work early -but then you remember you promised to call and wake up your college-aged child. It is simple to compose a sweet message in a text, which can make-up for not making that personal call that morning. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to have that well-deserved break that could include time on the beach or extra moments of sleep.

The best perk of the service for me is that I do not need to 'remind' anyone again about anything. When I said that I will not say anything to anyone about something again, I can really mean it; this service does it for me so that I do not need to do it.

Currently, the sudden increase in use of this service may have led to a temporary website outage. However, it can be expected to resume service soon, so take advantage of what this service has to offer. Get your friends and family into it by sending them loving reminders!

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