Dow Electronic Materials Wins Epistar’s First-Ever Supplier Award for Supply of Metalorganic Precursors and Exceptional Customer Support
Dow Electronic Materials Wins Epistar’s First-Ever Supplier Award for Supply of Metalorganic Precursors and Exceptional Customer Support
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Epistar Corporation presents its first annual Supplier Award to the Metalorganic Technologies business unit of Dow Electronic Materials. Pictured from left to right are Leo Tsay, Greater China Sales & Operations Director and Joe Reiser, Global Business Director for Dow Electronic Materials and Dr. BJ Lee, Chairman and Dr. MJ Jou, President of Epistar Corporation..

TAOYUAN, TAIWAN - May 11, 2011 - Dow Electronic Materials, a business unit of Dow Advanced Materials, today announced that Epistar Corporation, a world leading high brightness LED epiwafer and chip manufacturer, has awarded its first-ever Supplier Award to the Metalorganic Technologies business of Dow Electronic Materials. As a supplier to Epistar of metalorganic precursors for the manufacture of high brightness LEDs, Dow was recognized for ensuring the supply of precursor materials, improving product quality, providing excellent material and process support for manufacturing, offering superior customer communications and achieving high customer satisfaction.

"Dow has demonstrated itself to be an exceptionally trustworthy partner over the past year that deserves more than an excellent supplier award," said Dr. BJ Lee, Chairman of Epistar, upon presenting the award. "Dow is a key, long-term supplier that we rely on for critical materials and technical service, both now and in the future. We are honored to recognize Dow's hard work with our first annual Supplier Award acknowledging its contributions to our strong growth over the past year."

The ceremony took place on March 30, 2011 in Epistar's facility in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Attending on behalf of Epistar were Dr. BJ Lee, Chairman; Dr. MJ Jou, President; Jack Lin, logistics director; and Cathy Lin, procurement deputy manager; as well as Derek Ma, vice director of Huga Optotech Inc., a leading manufacturer of light emitting diode (LED) semiconductor devices dedicated to LED chips and wafer production. Accepting the award for Dow's Metalorganic Technologies business were Joe Reiser, global business director; Leo Tsay, greater China sales and operations director; and Johnny Chien, Taiwan sales manager.

"Customer satisfaction and responding to each customer's requirements is at the core of how we operate as a company," said Reiser. "It is a tremendous validation of our efforts to receive this recognition from Epistar, which acknowledges the quality of products, technical expertise and personnel we bring to every customer. We look forward to building on our cooperation with Epistar and continuing to enhance our product and service offerings to increase our support in the future."

Exceptionally high-quality materials and precise delivery of metalorganic precursors are essential to building reliable LEDs. Dow Electronic Materials is the leading supplier of precursors to the LED market, including trimethyl gallium (TMGa), which are used to create the electroluminescent films in LED chips through a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process. In addition to developing and supplying advanced materials for LED manufacturing, Dow Electronic Materials also offers the VAPORSTATIONTM Central Delivery System for bulk delivery of CVD precursors to multiple reactors and other patented delivery technologies for both liquid and solid precursors.

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