Facebook, We Need an Explanation
Facebook, We Need an Explanation
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.05.13 08:20
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Minnesota, USA May 12, 2011- The latest buzz in unbelievable battles comes from Facebook when information was leaked that it tired hiring the PR firm, Burson-Marstellar, to portray Google in a less favorable light; obviously people behind this operation did not learn the basic rules of life as children and probably failed 'ethics' courses in college. Facebook denies that it hired anyone solely for this purpose. However, insiders reported that they were asked to keep it as a secret; Facebook finally has this 'privacy issue' blow up in its face. Let's see how it feels after it gets a harder hit of scrutiny.


Just when Facebook's business looked like it could not get any worse, it proves us wrong again; it cannot keep its users' privacy protected, but expects its business matters to be hushed. It seems that pushing the light off on to another company was not the most thought-out decision; perhaps the young company of Facebook shows its age by behaving inappropriately -next time maybe it should hit someone with a bat and hand it over to its rival, Google, so that it can seem like Google did it.


The battle of advertising is intense between Google and Facebook; maybe the misguided steps by Facebook could lead to the wrong-doings being made right. If this is the case, it is good news for all the Facebook users -including me who is an avid 'privacy checker' -because Facebook may announce more openly the information it is sharing with the public/companies or the privacy changes it makes so that people can adjust their settings to keep the protection that they want and deserve. A hint to Facebook users: do not use applications because any of that information can be dispersed -this is main reason I never partake in games, etc.

It is difficult to hide my annoyance when it comes to the 'new ways' of competing that seem to be flourishing across the web. Apparently the rules of business have changed over the years. I understand the need for creative measures but this crossed the line. If Facebook was so concerned that information on Google be dispersed as well, it should have shed the light on its own and use its own name; this is another reason that its intention looks shady. A message for Facebook: Good attempt in trying to pass the torch -notice the hint of sarcasm.

Facebook is enormous, so I cannot imagine that its business will suffer too much from this tremendous blow; its image is changing to represent itself more-which is not good news for Facebook. It can expect to receive additional pressure from its users and the public to make major changes that are over-due.

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