International Real 3D Contents Technologies Forum Starts Off on a High Note
International Real 3D Contents Technologies Forum Starts Off on a High Note
  • Kim Yea-rim
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The kick off ceremony for Global Real 3D Associativity. From left: Xiaolin Yan, Chairman of C3D; Kim Tae-sub, Chairman of KDC Group; Christopher Crescitelli, Founder of 3DFF

The 1st International Real 3D Contents Technologies Forum has opened on May 12 in Seoul with great fanfare. Hosted by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) and organized by the Korea Real 3D Contents Producers Association, this forum will be held for two days in Seoul and Busan. Many leading manufacturers and 3D experts from America and China were present along with 300 distinguished guests to see the flow of the 3D market as well as its technological development.

Before the forum opened, Kim Tae-sub, Chairman of KDC and the Korea Real 3D Contents Producers Association delivered a key note speech. Chairman Kim said, "3D is not new anymore and there are some obstacles to overcome with 3D. In order to develop the industry, I personally think standardization of 3D is needed the most, along with creative storytelling and human respected technologies." He said that with the integrated standard, Korea, China and America should work together to develop the 3D industry and it is very meaningful that Korea leads the first international solidarity.

Followed by Christopher Crescitelli, founder of the 3D Film and Interactive Festival (3DFF) and CEO of the Dream Factory Studio said, "We are here to mandate that you create only high quality and entertaining 3D content that can be enjoyed by all markets and people around the globe." He continued by saying, "This forum will feature informative and inspirational discussions and explorations into this amazing new 3D industry, which aims to continue its pattern of growth and prosperity for everyone involved in its successful delivery and execution to all platforms."

Xiaolin Yan, Chairman of China 3D Industry Association (C3D) said, " Korea, China, and America needs to work closely for 3D content technologies, and he also wished that the forum be crowned with complete success with the 3D content technologies in Korea.

Meanwhile, the kick off ceremony for Global Real 3D Associativity carried on. This international solidarity is composed of three countries, Korea, China and America and those three countries are expected to work closely for sharing technical information and establishing a standard in 3D.  Later on, about eight other nations such as, Japan, Germany, and England will soon join the Global Real 3D Associativity.

Prominent speakers at the forum included Alex Cho, vice chairman of the Korea Real 3D Contents Producers Association, Hu Bo, President of Shandong Miracle Pictures Canada Longevity Intl. Enterprise Group, Paul Taylor, Stereoscopic Producer of Supervising Streographer and David Franks, Stereographer of Stereo D.

Alex Cho talked about the manufacturing technology and trends of stereoscopic 3D content. He explained all the basic information about producing 3D content and related technology trends. Vice President Cho said, "The standardization on 3D content is urgently needed." He also strongly suggested that existing film makers and writers are required to learn about 3D production technologies for 3D content development.

President Hu Bo, stressed the cooperation between Korea, China and America. "Korea has wonderful hardware, China has a big market, and America, Hollywood has contents. We need to work together for 3D content development." He continued, "I think Korea has a bright future ahead in 3D content development." He also suggested to Korea that to produce creative content in many different languages is the key for Korea to develop its 3D industry.

Paul Taylor, Supervising Stereographer talked about 'Overview of 3D Production." The question that people frequently ask to him is "Do you think 3D is going to stick around this time" His answer is not surprisingly, yes. For so long, 3D was a very lonely business as it comes and goes. However, he thinks it will be different this time due to the financial commitment, which we didn't have before. "3D should resonate with images and storytelling to create a powerful and immersive feeling unlike any audiences have ever experienced before," he concluded.

Lastly, Dave Franks who is renowned stereographer in Hollywood had a presentation about stereo 3D editing and post production. "I don't personally think every content will be produced in 3D but, 3D will offer lots of variety and fun to audiences." He also said that delivering the image realistically and comfortably to the viewers is the key in 3D post production. For better work, production, editing, visual effects, depth balancing and mastering for deliverables are things to care about. Since he is a famous stereographer, it is said that many guests who were present at the forum were excited to see him.

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