Printer, Notebook Computer, Network and Server..etc.
Printer, Notebook Computer, Network and Server..etc.
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Torinet / SG 2000

>> Offers Brand-New Security Solution Equipped with Giga-bit Optical Interface

Asecurity device developer, Torinet recently launched the 'SSL (Secure Socket Layer) VPN (Virtual Private Network) 'SG 2000' which supports a giga-bit network environment. The new development is the second line of the company's strategic Secure Web Gateway series VPNs. The SSL VPN 'SG 1000' made its debut last year.

The 'SG 2000' supports the function of linkage in the client's server-based environment as well as web-based environment through SSL. Another major feature is that the new product added a public key infrastructure (PKI)-endorsed certificate to its authentication standards. Considering the domestic IDC (Internet Data Center) environment, Torinet eguipped the 'SG 2000' is with the giga-bit optical interface, and it supports power source and system duplexing.

The company said that the 'SG 2000' in supporting a giga-bit environment and various authentication methods, enables employees working in branches or outside to easily make secure connections to company computer systems such as the web and ERP without additional devices. And it helps build the VPN environment for a small investment. Just like the 'SG 1000', the new product can be operational on a bridge scheme, making security connections conveniently without Web program change.

Its core advantage is that it can use existing web servers. LAN and web interfaces can support 10/100/1000 base T' 2-port or '1000-base x 2 port'. Web server certificate can support 256 simultaneously. And Torinet is working on a 'bridge' mode that won't reguire network configuration changes. Accordingly, the setting is possible without web program change. And there is no degradation after SSL is adopted, which is said to be one of the major advantages of the new device.

By adopting a single unit hardware-type, 'Secure Web Gateway' formula, the new device can transmit cryptographic data safely without affecting existing systems and applications. Above all, it is designed to build a secure web environment, and its expansion in line with system augmentation is very single.

TG Infonet / K-Tower Teamplace

>> Knowledge-based New Cooperation Solution

TG Infonet recently launched a cooperation solution for a teams, 'K-Tower Teamplace'. This is a knowledge-based cooperation solution which provides digital working spaces for members of a team in seperate location. Thus it can be widely used in organizations and companies where their workers' locations vary or where teamworks, is very important. Keeping up with current trends preferring convenient and easy solution, it can be operated at work sites without exclusive training.

Users of this solutions, can share documents from their own systems simultaneously, using real time and non-real time cooperation functions of the product, and have real time discussion on the task. Through this, work performance process and its outputs will be naturally created and accumulated, and so effective management of knowledge will be possible, company sources said.

And the 'K-Tower Teamplace' adopts a distributed structure which is designed to expand to team server and transcribing-use mode. It can be built inexpensively costs and the company offers payment after trial operation to prospective buyers, minimizing new project risks.

TG Infonet has supplied this new product to Kyungwon University as a research activity support solution which helps link data from its research center and library. In the wake of this, the company is pushing ahead with a marketing drive for new products. Further information on the product and trial operation can be found at and 02-3441-5334.

Haansoft / Documan

>> Making Hangul Documentation Possible Across World

Haansoft Inc. began sales of its brand-new portable word processor, 'Documan' which is equipped with a USB(Universal Serial Bus) drive, an advanced portable storage device, and diverse software programs, including Hangul version. The new product comes in 256-megabit and 512-megabit models. It features far more functions than existing USB-drive word processors. In addition to the storage and mobile functions, 'Documan' is armed with five other integral strengths necessary for education, business and financial services.

Above all, its multi-lingual Windows support and portable word processor functions are unigue. Regordless of Windows environment, Hangul documentation can be written with 'Documan' without Hangul Word Processor' or Microsoft Office installed in computers. Users can get access to all MS office files, such as word, Powerpoint and Excel through, the new program. Data input and output in 15 different languages is available.

Its upgraded security function is another main feature. Checking password is required whenever the program is hooked up to PCs. The file encryption function reconfirms the security of important files in computer. The bookmark list in users' PCs can be transformed and stored in the USB drive, making Internet use very easy and convenient.

Haansoft sold this product on a trial basis in the second half of last year under the name of 'My Hangul Drive'. Encouraged by good responses from overseas students, businessmen making frequently overseas business trips, and Internet banking customers, it renewed the product, changed the name, Carried out BI (Brand Identity) work, upgraded speed for the 2.0 version, and added multilingual Windows support, electronic dictionary, security card storage and directory finding functions.

3Com Korea/SuperStack 3 Switch 3870

>> Gigabit Stackable Switch

3Com Korea recently launched a stackable Ethernet switch series of products, called "SuperStack 3 Switch 3870." These stackable gigabit devices for workgroups are installed with a 10-gigabit expansion slot and will support Layer3 recognition hardware. Through these functions, those of the existing 10/100Mbps workgroup switches can be easily substituted.

The product comes in 48-port and 24-port models. The model can provide 48-port gigabit ports to a single device and expand to 385 gigabit ports per stack (eight devices).

Eight SuperStack3 Switch3870 switches can be linked in one IP for simplicity and ease of management. Stacked switches can transmit internal switch data at a speed of 40Gbps and support cross stacks between IEEE 802.3ad LACP standard-based link aggregation.

On the security side, the new switches include enterprise-class security functions such as a IEEE802.1X network login to defend against network intrusion and security management via secure shell (SSH) and secure socket layer (SSL/HTTPS) encryption.

3Com Korea president, Choi Ho-won, said that as the new stackable switches include a 10-gigabit expansion slot, the gigabit speed and flexibility is increased by a factor of three compared to existing Ethernet products. "The adoption of 10-gigabit support module and Layer3 recognition hardware reflects 3Com's strategy to put top priority on our customers' investment projects."

Nortel Networks /MPE 9000

>> Next-Generation IP / MPLS Multiservice Edge Platform

Nortel Networks will start marketing "Multiservice Provider Edge 9000 platforms with premium class voice services targeting IP/MPLS and cost-saving and network simplification functions in the fourth quarter of this year.

The new products are Multiservice Edge (MSE) models that are emerging as a substitute for edge routers to develop traffic priority setting functions.

They support existing and L2/L3 service models on a single platform and help save costs by increasing service availability. Expansion can be made in conjunction to service scale. And they can support any port, channel and service type, and provide flawless reliability, good service profitability and ceaseless integration with existing systems.

These products realize voice-class reliability on IP (Internet Protocol) through innovative architecture. Accordingly, service providers can integrate voice, data, wireless and multimedia services on a single network utilizing MPLS technology. Nortel Networks' MPE 9000 series come in MPE 9200 and MPE 9500 with broad processing ability ranging from 2.5 Gbps to 80 Gbps. They are designed to carry out various kinds of services, from IP-VPNS, Internet log-in, L2 circuit on MPLS (Virtual Pseudo-wire Services), wideband integration and "high-touch" services.

The MPE 9000 is the first product among IP devices designed to realize a vision of Nortel Networks, "IP Network with Recovery Ability." Chung Soo-jin, president of Nortel Networks Korea, said that in the past the prerequisite of Edge models was to install largest and fastest router, but now it is replaced by reliability and functions providing diversified services with best functionality and low prices. The new MPE 9000 series will satisfy these needs, and will have telecommunications services firms and cable communication firms integrate their present lucrative services and also help them build fundamentals for new services and value creation, he claimed.

HP Korea/Officejet 4255

>> Telephony, Photo Printing Combined in One

HP Korea recently launched the officeuse inkjet multifunction "HP Officejet 4255," which added telephony to printer, color fax, scanning and copying functions.

Matching up to office-use machine, the new multifunctional device has all the necessary functions in one. Several sheets of documents can be copied and scanned at a time as papers up to 20 sheets can be input automatically.

Users can fax documents without support of a PC at a speed less than three seconds per page. And the machine can memorize the content of up to 100 pages. Five frequently dialed numbers can be stored in memory. The added telephony function will help further heighten work efficiency. The color copying, printing and color fax functions will help diversify usage. Black and white documents are copied up to 17 pages per minute and color documents up to 12 pages. Color printing can be made in 4,800 dpi resolution. Furthermore, when six-color photo inks are used, the new product can print photo images at an expert level. The H-P Image Zone Software loaded in the all-in-one helps act as a photo printer which can print and edit digital photos and send e-mail. The recommended consumer price is set at 320,000 won per unit.

An sssistant manager in the multifunction marketing department of the Imaging Printing Group of H-P Korea, Cho Jin-tak said that by adding the telephony function to the all-inone it will make the working environment more convenient. Through diverse printing solutions needed by businesses, H-P will exert all-out efforts to lead work efficiency improvements.

Maxtor Korea / Atlas HDD

>> 3.5-Inch Drive for Enterprise Storage

Maxtor Korea announced that latest enterprise hard disc drive (HDD) models, "Maxtor Atlas 10K V" and "Atlas 15K II Ultra 320 SCSI," which are in test operations in major global markets.

The two new discs are the first 3.5-inch HDDs with designs aiming for 1.4 million hours of MTTF (mean time to failure), a basic measure of reliability for non-repairable systems, and provide almost all the necessary functions for enterprise storage devices such as reliability, ease of integration and improved intelligence. The Atlas 10K V drive has a disc record density of 73.5GB per platter, and Atlas 15K II, 36.7GB.

Maxtor Atlas drives provide an intelligent technology "MaxAdapt" and expanded capacity for the first time for a commercial enterprise HDD. This function enables the two brand-new drives to adapt to varied system designs and conditions, making integration easy.

The MaxAdapt function is Maxtor-only third-generation Adaptive Active Filtration technology and has three new functions: ABE (Adaptive Bias Estimation), RVF (Rotational Vibration Compensation) and VCL (Virtual Cache Lines).

The unique functions monitor and adjust temperature, workload, rolling vibration, electrical noise and other system conditions so that it can optimize the system's sequential and discretionary functions.

The Atlas 10K V drive presents three capacities of 73GB, 147GB and 300GB and a rotational speed of 10,000 RPM. The drive provides continuous data transmission rate of 89MB per second maximum and a high-speed average detect time of 4.0ms. Its sequential function and average detect time are better by 24 percent and 7 percent, respectively, compared to the previous Atlas 10K drives.

In addition, the Atlas 15K II provides capacities of 36GB, 73GB and 147GB, and a rotational speed of 15,000 RPM. The drive sports a maximum continuous data transmission rate of 98MB and high-speed detect time of 3.0 ms. Its sequential function and average detect time are higher by 31 percent and 7 percent compared to the previous Atlas 15K drives.

Fujitsu Korea / LifeBook P7010

>> Lightweight with a sophisticated pearlwhite finish, the P7010 combines style with enhanced security, high-performance features and long battery life.

Fujitsu Korea ( recently put 'LifeBook P7010' on the market, To satisfy security-conscious executives, Fujitsu has added advanced security features to the LifeBook P7010, including fingerprint recognition access, password protection for data and an anti-theft lock slot. The P7010 is the first LifeBook, and among the first notebooks in the ultra portable category, to feature AuthenTec's TruePrint, Technology for accurate fingerprint recognition.

Fingerprint recognition locks down a notebook so that only the authorised user can log on and access data. It acts in much the same way as a password, but with greater security assurance as fingerprints can't be stolen or forged.

The LifeBook P7010 is the latest addition to Fujitsu's P series range and is designed to suit the specific mobility needs of today's executives. Smaller than an A4 page, the P7010 sits less than 3.5 centimetres high. Weighing approximately 1.4 kilograms, it is one of the lightest notebooks available, making it ultra portable for computing on the go.

The LifeBook P7010 features Intel Centrino Mobile Technology providing longer battery life of up to 11.2 hours with an optional modular bay battery, and ensuring data and applications can be accessed and processed more efficiently.

To cater to the diverse computing requirements of executives, the LifeBook P7010 sports a range of connectivity interfaces, including network connections, wireless capability and USB 2.0 ports. A DVD/CD-RW Combo drive lets users read DVDs and CDs and also write CDs on the go. Users can store up to 60 gigabytes of data on the P7010's hard disk drive.

Smart design is a key feature of the LifeBook P7010, with the USB ports deliberately placed on the right hand side of the notebook for easy access. That means connecting and disconnecting USB devices, such as printers, digital cameras and storage drives, is now much easier.

The LifeBook P7010 is also built for entertainment; with its crisp, clear screen and Dolby surround sound it is ideal for movie watching and multimedia playback.

"Notebook market is expected to be divided into large screen notebook and easy-to-carry mobile notebook," said Kim Byungwon, director at Korea Fujitsu. "We expect P7010 will take a lead in mobile notebook market and sales of the LifeBook P7010 to perform even better than its predecessors."

3Com Korea / Fast Ethernet Switch NJ225

>> Expand LAN Connectivity and Manageability at the Wall.

Korea 3Com, a network equipment maker, recently launched 3Com I n t e l l i J a c k Switch NJ225, a four-port, managed Fast Ethernet switch that can support VoIP, IEEE 802.1p Packet Prioritization, IEEE 802.1Q VLANs, and IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet. This "in the wall" solution mounts in BSI- or DIN-standard wall cutouts for a fraction of what it costs to run Category 5 or 5e cabling. The pass-through port can be used to add an analog voice or dedicated LAN line. The IntelliJack Switch NJ225 supports IEEE 802.1X network login for enhanced security. This SNMPcompatible switch includes capabilities for port-, unit-, and group-level administration. It's also enterprise-ready, supporting most management platforms such as 3Com Network Supervisor and HP OpenView.

3Com IntelliJacks are significantly less vulnerable to theft or damage than freestanding alternatives. They install without disturbing walls, ceilings, or day-to-day operations making them ideal for hospitals, hotels, classrooms, historical buildings, conference rooms, and cubicles.

Multiple power options including standard Power over Ethernet endspan switches and midspan solutions, and a local AC adapter, are sold separately. The NJ225 can also forward Power over Ethernet to another 802.3af-compatible device, such as a 3Com NBX Phone. If connections to 100BASE-FX fiber uplinks are required, consider the 3Com IntelliJack Switch NJ225 FX-SC or Switch NJ225 FX-ST.

"While providing enhanced security and management function, IntelljJacks series are the only Ethernet switch that can be easily fixed on the wall and can expand into multiple network edge connection," said choi Howon, president of Korea 3Com. "Users can set up new infra for IP telephony and conference meeting without paying expenses for the installation of new cables."

Fujitsu Korea/ Stylistic ST5011D

>> 10.4-Inch Outdoor Tablet PC

Fujitsu Korea recently started marketing an outdoor tablet PC called 'Stylistic ST5011D' PC, which will work in strong sunshine. The new computer features, among other things, an outdoor tablet type. The LCDs (liquid crystal display) for notebook PCs and tablets are usually the transmissive type, and so readability reduces notably in strong light and sunshine. In contrast, the Stylistic ST5011D is a reflective type, maintaining its readability and insuring the computer can be used anywhere and anytime. Especially, the new PC is ideal for on-spot workers of insurance and process management and cadastral [] management areas and consumers preferring mobile working.

The Stylistic ST5011D installs a 10.4-inch lightweight LCD with 2cm width and has 1.55kg weight - making it easy to handle. It is equipped with an advanced Pentium-M 1.00Ghz ULV (ultra low voltage) CPU (central processing unit), 30-40 percent higher in price than ordinary Pentiums. The latest CPU insures lowest power consumption among the same clockspeed CPUs, and improved battery performance and lower heat generation.

The latest Intel 855GME chipset is installed with a 60GB large-capacity HDD, and supports USB2.0, 400MHz FBS, DDR 333MHz memory and enhanced VGA functions.

In addition, Fujitsu's new exclusive online consumer service "Fujitsu Auto Update" assists novice users of tablet PCs. The PC is said to stick well to tablet PC's basic concepts offered by Microsoft, and is an upgraded version of the Stylistic ST4120 that Fujitsu developed from 10 years of experience in the pen computing field. The consumer price is set at 2.85 million won.

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