3M Paves the Way in 3D
3M Paves the Way in 3D
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
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Minnesota, USA May 16, 2011- Operating in more than 65 countries and selling its diverse product line in almost 200 countries, 3M could become the forerunner of the 3D development market. Last year, 3M spent over USD $1.4 billion towards research and development (R&D), labeling itself as a science-based company.

Patting itself on the back, 3M publically acknowledged, "We produce thousands of imaginative products, and we're a leader in scores of markets - from health care and highway safety to office products and abrasives and adhesives. Our success begins with our ability to apply our technologies - often in combination - to an endless array of real-world customer needs."

By focusing on needs of the customer, the concept of having the 3D viewing experience minus the glasses came into play. Representatives describe this ability coming alive through the use of a film that can be incorporated into the regular structure of handheld devices or any other device with a LCD screen.

Confidently, Representative Colleen Harris, described 3M's 3D strategy, "3M is developing future generations of our auto stereoscopic film for tablets and improved experiences for small displays. We have developed color filter lens for 3D technologies such as Dolby Laboratories' cinematic technology."

She continued by saying, "We have and will continue to investigate improvements to conventional systems for 3D televisions as well as new methods of delivering 3D for larger displays. As always, 3M strives to be a leader in display technologies. We believe investment in 3D is just one aspect of this strategy."

In order to get itself fully into the 3D market, 3M is collaborating with companies that focus primarily on graphics chips, and LCD panels. Harris further commented, "Currently, three panel makers have publically shown LCD modules using 3M technology. They are TMD, CPT, and CMI. Additional companies are working with the technology. We expect at least one will show a public demonstration the end of this summer."

3M representative Colleen Harris gave additional background information on the 3D Film, "A prototype of the current film was used in a commercially available product in the past; however, the current film will not go into mass production until June or July. We cannot comment on which set makers are using the technology for this first release; however, as the technology has distinctive viewing patterns different than other 3D technologies, it will not be hard for outside parties to identify which devices."

Driven to innovate, 3M dedicates itself to improving its current 3D film -generation 2 - that works well with the screen sizes of 5 inches or less. Harris explains, "We are working on future versions of our current film. The next advancement will be a version that works with tablets - something which requires both advances in environmental durability and optics. As with our previous optical films, we anticipate there will be future versions of our 3D film delivering an even higher level of performance or addressing needs of future panels."

Although 3M does not indicate which tablets are prospective candidates, based on observations it could be the Samsung Galaxy that it is looking to transform. However, in the past year there was a large amount of tablets released and it is possible there is another to be released that could boast the competitive advantage that incorporates 3M's 3D Film. If 3M plays with its global influence, it could tap into companies overseas where the latest technologies are striving to make these latest developments a new 'normal' for consumers.

Demonstrations and product releases are expected later this summer, so keep your eyes open; be prepared to be amazed!

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