KECO Strives to Export Advanced Green Technology Overseas
KECO Strives to Export Advanced Green Technology Overseas
  • Lee Kyung-min
  • 승인 2011.05.17 18:00
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Park Seung-hwan, CEO of KECO

Korea Environment Corporation (KECO) is going all-out to export its advanced green technology to developing countries, a top executive of the corporation said. "The environment is emerging as a grave concern in the international community, KECO is striving to establish a firm foothold to ship out its advanced green technology overseas by bolstering environmental cooperative projects with developing countries," said Park Seung-hwan, CEO of the Korea Environment Corporation.

"For instance, we are actively pushing ahead with various environmental projects in developing countries, including Tunisia and Vietnam, while offering professional consultation services related to environmental issues," he said.

KECO will build an atmospheric ozone monitoring network in Tunisia and construct an integrated waste management system in Vietnam. "Along with this, we are moving to expand environmental projects by making the best use of the Official Development Assistance (ODA) project and the Economic Development Cooperation Fund of Korea Eximbank, while seeking strategic cooperation with domestic and foreign aid institutions, including Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs)," said the top official.

"KECO is also making a strong push for the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project this year as a means of achieving the greenhouse gas reduction target under the Kyoto Protocol," he said, adding that it is aimed to prevent global warming by making active environmental investment in developing or underdeveloped countries.

Noting that KECO possesses a greenhouse gas certification center, which can exactly calculate carbon reductions and report it to the U.N., he said, "KECO boasts of its best expertise in this field, as it has five professionals with a greenhouse gas emission inventory reviewer qualification."

"After concluding a long-term CDM contract with Asian Development Bank (ADB), KECO is now exploring new CDM markets in China, Vietnam and India," he said.

KRW 600 billion sales target through new projects

KECO holds the Waste Management and Waste-to-Energy Training Program

KECO was established on Jan. 1, 2010 by integrating Korea Environment & Resources Corporation and Environmental Management Corporation to play its role as the central agency for green growth by covering the entire fields of environment, including ambient air, water, soils, resource circulation, and the environment industry.

"Through an integrated computer center managing various environment-related information systems, we can save some KRW 300 million in budget spending annually by enhancing efficiency and synergy effects," Park said.

Asked about its sales target of achieving KRW 600 billion through new projects by 2010, he said, "We will classify new future-oriented projects seeking high value added into overseas and new strategic projects. For the overseas project, we will focus our efforts on exporting environmental facilities, monitoring systems, and consulting services.

"For the new strategic project, we will deal with such issues as climate change and aquatic ecology management. To effectively cope with climate change, we will pursue stable operation of the greenhouse gas energy goal management system and implement a system to relief asbestos victims," he said.

Role of KECO to manage the 4-river restoration project

The government plans to raise the nation's public sewage distribution rate from the present 89 percent to 93.5 percent by 2020 through mid- and long-term tributary and stream project.

It also hopes to strengthen the treatment standard of phosphorus, a cause of chlorophyta, 10 times and make active investment in environment fundamental facilities to improve water quality.

"In keeping with the government's four major river restoration project, KECO plans to restore and develop tributaries and streams into ecological rivers in an attempt to enhance people's quality of living. Related to this, it built a 24-hour surveillance system for thorough water quality control and established a water pollution management center in Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do," he said.

Meanwhile, the government has been implementing the Act on Asbestos Damage Relief since Jan. 1 of this year after enactment of the act in March last year to pay relief benefits to asbestos victims and their bereaved family members.

"Related to this, KECO set up the asbestos damage relief center to make a fair damage judgment and pay relief benefits to victims and their bereaved family members at an earlier date possible. As of April, it screened a total of 206 applications for asbestos damage relief and approved 125 cases," he said.

As for the future direction that KECO will pursue in the future, Park said, "We will newly establish the 2020 vision to develop KECO into a green environment creating institution for happiness of all people. As a concrete step, we will offer high-quality environmental services to customers and attain customers' confidence by carrying out our business in a fair manner.

"We will also present a blueprint to achieve the KRW 600 billion sales through new projects and the highest degree in customer's satisfaction, as well as foster 25 percent of KECO officials as environmental experts," said Park.

Commenting that now is an era of pursuing happiness in clean and favorable environment, the CEO said, "KECO will exert all-out efforts to become an institution gaining confidence and love from people by coping with the people's growing demand for green environment."

"Along with this, we have been building effective organizational infrastructure through restructuring, including a reduction in peoplepower, while making best efforts to narrow the wage gap between workers. For example, we carried out drastic personnel innovation, including introduction of a wage peak system and a performance-based personnel system," he added.

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