Inha University: Aiming to be Pivotal Educator in Northeast Asia
Inha University: Aiming to be Pivotal Educator in Northeast Asia
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Concentration on Pentaport Incheon's Talent Nurturing

Emphasis on a Practical Education System

Hong Seoung-yong
President of Inha University
Inha University, which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year, is rushing into a competition with universities around the world by proclaiming its "Global Inha Vision 2020" in the interest of another half century of innovation. The university's "Global Inha Vision 2020" is a project via which Inha University, considered one of Korea's ten best, aims to become a first-rate global university and a pivotal university in Northeast Asia, spearheading the world economy.

Dr. Seoung-Yong Hong, president of Inha University, said during a special interview with the Korea IT Times that the university is preparing to become the leading educational and research institution in Northeast Asia by enlarging academic exchanges and joint research activities with prestigious global universities. The president added Inha University has been growing as one of the top 10 universities at home by its establishment of "Inha Vision 2010", while noting that the local Incheon area will develop as the logistics hub of Northeast Asia through the vast Incheon Free Economic Zone.

To develop into a world-classs private university, a university that nurtures global talent for the world, and "Excellence in Higher Education," Inha University has prepared the following development strategies:

First off, Inha University plans to practice tailor-made practical education that can guarantee a job at graduation, reshuffling its curricula to match the needs of students.

Second, Dr. Hong emphasizes that Inha University will improve to the international level by doubling its education infrastructure.

Third, Inha University plans to enlarge its annual budget to 1 trillion, a tenfold increase, by 2020, by increasing research expenses by over 10 percent every year while nurturing such stateof-the-art fields as information technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and space technology.

Fourth, President Hong notes that the University will prioritize logistics management by combining with the comprehensive logistics business activities of Hanjin Group, the large shipping and airline concern.

Fifth, Inha University will hire up to 2,000 professors to achieve a level of 10 students for every teacher, to meet a worldclass standard.

As part of its "Inha Vision 2010", the university is strengthening its practical-oriented education system to allow knowledge learned from the university to be applied to society and corporations immediately. Inha University's edge is that the university is strong as a global venture leader.

In particular, the university completed its "Inha Vision 2010" education infrastructure improvements by 2003 as part of its 1998 plan to become the seventh best Korean university and one of the top 100 in the world by 2010.

Along with continuous construction of education and research facilities, Inha University has upgraded Inha brand's value both quantitatively and qualitatively by surpassing its fund raising target of 15 billion won, increasing annual research expenses to 45.8 billion, publishing 608 papers in accredited journals, establishing 27 government designated research centers, and by surpassing one million books in the university library as of 2003.

Dr. Hong stresses the importance of the university's global direction, by noting that Inha has spearheaded the Global U7 Consortium with first-rate universities in the United States, France, Australia, China, and Israel since 2002. The Global U7 Consortium enforces a global double-degree system, allowing students to study at two or more campuses by establishing an excellent integrated education program that takes advantage of the strong points of its seven universities in global logistics, business administration, marine affairs, and advanced technologies.

Furthermore, Inha University is attracting attention by its comparative superiority as a research- and education-oriented university in Northeast Asia. It also is strong in the fields of engineering,information telecommunications and mechanical and aerospace engineering.

President Hong concluded his remarks by saying that Inha University will concentrate its efforts on ensuring success of the Northeast Asia logistics center Pentaport Incheon.

INTERVIEW / President Hong Seoung-yong of Inha University

A Cornerstone of the Nation's Industrial Development

Q: Please explain briefly the accomplishments of Inha University in its first 50 years and the vision of the years ahead.

A: With our April 1954 founding idea of nurturing talent to become a cornerstone of the nation's industrial development, Inha University has helped Korea accomplish its "Miracle on the Han River". Inha's 50 year history shares the fantastic growth of the Republic of Korea.To take advantage of Inha's location in the logistics hub of Northeast Asia and to become a world-class university, we have proclaimed the university's middle and long-term development strategy dubbed "Global Inha Vision 2020".
This plan will increase our superiority in education and research, allow us to lead the 21st century in practical academic traditions, and become a university for citizens of the world filled with innovation and harmony.

Q: Does Inha University have any specific plans to nurture talent for Incheon's logistics development plan

A: Incheon's importance and function as a logistics center has sped ahead since the opening of Incheon International Airport, in addition to extant harbor facilities. Inha University launched the Asia Pacific School of Logistics, or APSL, last year through consultation with logistics experts, taking note of recent industry trends. Our university, which is doing its best to nurture logistics specialists with practical and international minds who will become leaders of the Northeast Asia hub, is developing specific education programs including a masters program and Techno-MLA program, not to mention an undergraduate program.

Q: To back our nation logistics business competitiveness, what activities is Inha University promoting

A: Inha University is pushing ahead with specialized programs and projects based on the Hanjin Group's competencies, taking note of the importance of logistics in an era of global competition. As a result, our university has specialized APSL through the construction of worldwide logistics transportation database, a modern scientific education system, as well as exchange programs with prominent foreign universities.

Q: What's the long-term plan to become a world class university

A: The 21st century university's topic of conversation is also "education's globalization". In that regard, Inha University is operating a tailor-made education process that corporations want, by constructing a world standard curriculum and integrated practical education system. In addition, our university is offering wide opportunities in knowledge cultivation to nurture citizens of the world equipped with an international mindset and ability. Inha University will enable in-depth specialties by introducing a tutor system that will allow professors to teach students on a one-to-one basis and will also enlarge our Global Leader Pre-College program that nurtures excellent students at high schools.

Inha University will construct a future-oriented educational system with a vision to ocontribute to 21st century civilization through the creative grafting of "selection and concentration".

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