DataStreams, Dreams of Conquering the World
DataStreams, Dreams of Conquering the World
  • Kim Yea-rim
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There is a famous line in a Hollywood blockbuster movie, "Spiderman" that goes like this. "With great power comes great responsibility." Lee Young-sang, the CEO of Korea's no.1 professional software venture business, DataStreams always keeps this quote in mind.

Lee Young-sang, chairman of KOSEA and CEO of DataStreams

As the top leading software business in Korea, the company gained great power. However, being the best meant being a representative of the Korean software business and a heavy responsibility to gain success in the global market. Like Spiderman who was able to protect justice not only by his own ability, but by remembering the last will of his uncle, DataStreams, through pouring all its effort in internalization, is trying to break through the limitation of the Korean software business and become a major global corporation.

Also, serving as the current chairman of the Korea Software Enterprise Association (KOSEA), CEO Lee Young-sang said, "The Korean software market is truly suffering from inadequacies. From this cause, DataStreams is targeting a market abroad to overcome the limitation of the Korean market environment and become a major global corporation."

In relation to oversea expansion, DataStreams is currently pushing ahead with company incorporation and support in Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, China and the United States, and joint investment with local industries in Chinese markets. Also in the first half year of 2011, the company is undertaking several sales projects in Southeast Asia, United States, China and Japan in order to vitalize exportation.

In order to establish a firm foundation to expand the Korean software business in the American market, on February of 2011, with the qualification of KOSEA, Mr. Lee himself visited LA and met the officials of major organizations such as, the American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Public Procurement service, Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry to find ways to succeed in oversea expansion.

Recently, he visited America again to discuss a service contract with Bizetech. The contract included providing education and training needed for the solution, designing business strategies, and establishing a technical support system. The contract is in the works and he can say it is a smooth beginning for the Korean software industry. It is also meaningful for the company because it can possibly mean an opportunity to expand DataStreams to Central and South America.

The trip to America with the officials of the database supplier Altibase, which was scheduled with TeraStream briefing session targeting city information specialists of LA played a major role in concertizing the possibility of the Korean software to be sold in the American market. Currently LA is transferring the servers which was adopted in year 2000, into one place and is fixing its data model and applications as well. Therefore, the city officials who have participated in the session showed great interest in the capability of TeraStream in reducing great amount of Main Memory (MM).

Korea is the great test bed for new products

Lee Young-sang, CEO of DataStreams (3rd from left) and Michael Antonovich, Los Angeles County Mayor (3rd from right)

CEO Lee who strongly emphasizes that the oversea expansion is the only way for the Korean software companies to survive said, "The Korean market, which is focused on large companies is too limited for the development of small software businesses. Also, the market is already in saturation, therefore targeting the markets abroad is a vital decision for small businesses to live."

Therefore, if companies like DataStreams which is the top leading software company in Korea, succeeds overseas and suggests a way for other software companies to succeed, then it is thought DataStreams will be a great model for the companies longing to consider the oversea business activities.

CEO Lee also said, "If Korean solutions are equipped with assured technology support and product quality then it will definitely increase the possibility of success in the global market." Actually attempts of KOSEA to expand its territory to American markets have been differentiated by systematically ties with members companies.

On the other hand, CEO Lee also commented about the strong points of the Korean software market by saying, "Surely the scale of the Korean software market is limited. But the users of the products in Korea are equipped with knowledge as an early adapter; the market's qualification is globally recognized in the world."

"It can be said that Korea has a strong point as a test bed for new products. Also, the rapidly changing software market in Korea trains the software business to gain an ability to quickly develop new products and adapt it into the market. Therefore, if an idea from an advanced market is given, Korean businesses are capable of developing this idea into a higher-level product. If this development succeeds, I have no doubt that Korean businesses will succeed not only in Korea, but also in the markets abroad."

Lastly, while emphasizing 'cooperation' and 'development of human resources' as the major key elements of creating an ideal environment for the Korean software industry to develop, CEO Lee said, "As the chairman of the professional software enterprise association, I'm pouring all my effort in making a co-working environment where knowledge and experiences are shared between software businesses. To solve the problem of inadequate supply of human resource in the Korean software business, I'm seeking for a way to receive government aid on human resource development programs and a way to establish a system that enables the supply of superior human resources to Korean software businesses."

Major products of DataStreams

DataStreams started in 1996, when CEO Lee Young-sang started to distribute a product called CoSORT in Korea, which was introduced to him by a friend. The establishment as a legal company happened in year 1999, when the Data Warehouse market was expanding rapidly in Korea and was in need of software in order to analyze the data. This was the time when the main product of the company "TeraStream" was developed.

In 2002, TeraStream started to advertise its name in the Korean software market. This was the time when the Korea Exchange Bank launched a new generation project and in accordance to the project, started to use the TeraStream product instead of foreign products. Even after this major incident of the company, TeraStream continuously made contributions to the company and eventually made DataStreams to become a leading integrator of financial data in Korea. With no exaggeration, it can be said that due to the success of TeraStream, DataStreams could be the no. 1 Korean software company.

As a DI/DW/ETL solution development/establishment/selling company, DataStreams mainly supplies data integrating solutions and data quality solution products. Enhancing and improving the function of these two products and through adding, monitoring and restriction onto it, the company is searching for a way to join the globally spreading Master Database Management (MDM) market.


As a major product of the company, TeraStream which is already well known to the public is a universal Batch work tool that includes ETL, which uses CoSORT as its main engine for powerful data sorting and transformation. Quickly yet easily processing the required tasks such as transforming, refining, verifying, and managing file and database formatted data in Unix/Windows/Linux, TeraStream successfully integrates the data through ETL or EAI. In most mainframe working environments, batch work (file system) and on-line (DB, iSAM) task is divided. TeraStream is a new concept tool which receives quick batch response while maintaining load average without compromising load quality.

Also with TeraStream, DeltaStreams is a real-time data processing solution which uses Change Data Capture (CDC) which functions by automatically capturing DBMS's data transaction logs and sends it to a target system. Every data that are related to the project are saved and managed by the DeltaStream Repository and by using the Transaction Log extract method DeltaStreams minimizes the load of DBMS and makes the data management easier.

MetaStream is a solution that manages the metadata's lifecycle such as extracting metadata, managing standardization, managing metadata and model integration, observing standardization, and providing statistics. Through integrated metadata repository, MetaStream provides efficient data management through version update, reference function, cooperation, change control system, and connection with various modeling tools. It also provides company's data standardization and establishment of integrated data management system.

Other products of the company are QualityStream, which manages data quality (DQI) and extracts and analyzes data error by the data quality that is given. ImpactStream is a solution that prevents the risk that happens through the result of application change, and MasterStream is a management support tool which manages the master data through a single view and to maintain data consistency.

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