Getting the Most Out of Facebook as a Small Business
Getting the Most Out of Facebook as a Small Business
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.05.25 07:27
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Minnesota, USA -May 24, 2011- Most small business owners understand the wide use of Facebook as a marketing tool; however, some think that it is enough to open a page in the business name and put in information such as product selection, prices, sales, and other basic information that can be found within the physical store. If you are a small business owner, whether you are in a large city or small town, there are additional steps to take to reach more people. Sometimes, it takes trial and error to find an original way to get the greatest impact. In the meantime, here are some tips that you can customize to work for you.

Encourage members of your group to invite people in order to obtain prizes


This can go without saying that you cannot afford giving prizes away to everyone, but the benefit of gaining a few more loyal followers could pay for anything if you do this right. It is easy to set up a deadline for group members to recruit others and easily track the progress. Encourage users to post comments on your products or service with a chance to receive a gift by random drawing. Determine your most wanted product or service and offer this as the 'prize'. The feedback could offer insight on how you can improve your business or what you are doing right so that you can continue what you are doing.

Schedule 'fun' giveaways

Naturally people enjoy competition, so scheduling a contest in which people must be the specific comment in a 'game' -such as the first comment - gives people the rush to spread the word to their friends. Basically, if someone does not win, they want a friend to win. It is a quick way to get people familiar with your products/services. It also helps re-fuel the enthusiasm for your company and everything you have to offer. It is free publicity -if you do not take into account the product/service you will give away.


Make an "Event" at your shop

Customers may keep an eye on your group in order to see the latest deals. Sometimes, there is not as much of a response to some sales as others. It could be wise to set up a promotion for the first few people who show up at your shop. For instance, you can offer 50% off of all merchandise for the first 10 people who make a purchase. If you offer services, you can let people know that the first 5 people who come to your office can receive a session for free. Be creative and get people excited to visit your shop. After you get them in the door, it is easier to get them to buy.

Change your group settings for 'side panel' viewing

Everyone is used to looking over to the left side of the Facebook screen to see an easy way to navigate. Now, Facebook made some changes so that groups can get themselves to appear on it in the 'group' area. So far, there is only one group in my list that is using this. Obviously, there are perks to easy access. In addition, it shows when there are new posts, so the intrigued user -like me - cannot help but click on it.

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