Samsung Camera Suggests Solutions throughout Digital Image Lifecycle
Samsung Camera Suggests Solutions throughout Digital Image Lifecycle
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Samsung Camera announced today that it would seek to attain its market leadership by providing imaging solutions aimed at satisfying diversified consumer needs throughout the total digital imaging lifecycle from taking great photos to sharing images with their friends and families. This movement signals a bold step for the company away from the conventional way of business in the camera industry, which has primarily focused on technological advancement. Samsung is going to introduce innovations through combining existing solutions and technologies to answer to consumer needs and desires from 09 lineup. To showcase this new direction, Samsung is introducing sharing photos through Home Network, uploading and sharing photos through WiFi, and innovative UI at 2008 Photokina. Meanwhile, recognizing consumers’ needs to capture a picture overcoming a physical distance and to carry easily, Samsung is introducing the world first 10x zoom and Ultra Wide 24mm compact, the "HZ1", at Photokina this year. The HZ1 enables consumers to get sharper and wider images from a distance by simultaneously combining high technology, optical 10X Zoom and ultra wide 24mm. With the launch of the HZ1, Samsung Camera will enter the Compact High-Zoom market, strengthening its full lineup and showcasing its technological innovation. Addressing the company’s initiative, Park Sang-Jin, Executive Vice President of Samsung Camera, said “The key to success is to provide products and solutions that enhance the consumers experience for beyond photo taking. We are looking at consumer needs for communication with their family and friends through photos and moving images. We’re trying to move beyond the competition which is primarily focused on features and functions to serve consumer needs better.” Looking forward, Park added that “Samsung is already strongly competitive with a variety of consumer electronics and related technologies such as semiconductors, TVs, camcorders, and cell phones. By leveraging our core technological capabilities and applying broad and deep understanding about global consumers and their needs, we expect to attain a top-tier camera brand position within a few years.” Booth Highlights HD Connectivity High quality photos and video images taken by Samsung’s NV100HD digital camera and HMX20 camcorder can be viewed immediately when connected to Samsung HDTVs. And with Anynet + HDMI-CEC installed, a single remote can control multiple AV devices, such as a home theater, Blu-ray player, digital camera, camcorder, and the TV itself. This connectivity will enhance the consumer photo sharing experience by transferring an individual photo viewing experience to a family sharing experience in more convenient environments. Wireless Connectivity demonstration - Seamless Imaging Life preview Through Samsung’s DLNA-ready digital AV products, users can enjoy simultaneously viewing downloaded or streaming digital images on multiple TVs anywhere at the home. Digital images taken by Samsung Cameras are transmitted wirelessly to a TV and viewed. Images are also sent to a PC, uploaded to a specific website or sent as an e-mail attachment via WiFi transmission. This wireless connectivity will enable consumers to share and view digital images with their families and friends anywhere anytime and across multiple devices. NV100HD – Professional Picture Quality Thanks to a 14.7 megapixel resolution and a 28mm wide-angle Schneider lens with a 3.6x optical zoom, the NV100HD guarantees sharp, clear and detailed images with every shot. Currently the most sophisticated point-and-shoot digital camera in the Samsung portfolio, the NV100HD boasts high-definition 720p video function and Dual Image Stabilization. A 3 inch touch-screen hVGA (460K pixels) LCD with Samsung’s Smart Touch 2.0 technology dominates the back of the camera, giving the user convenient one-touch access to the camera’s dynamic features and advanced controls. NV9 – Built for Mobility, Designed for Style The NV9 is an ultra compact, 10.2 megapixel digital camera featuring a large 2.7 inch LCD screen, an internal 5x optical zoom, and Dual Image Stabilization. It also offers a variety of the latest multimedia gadgets such as personal media player, MP3 and text viewer. Additionally, Face Detection Technology can detect up to nine faces, automatically focus the camera, and calculate the exposure for perfect composition and image quality. Smile Shot technology detects changes in the expression of the subject and automatically takes the shot, while Blink Detection makes sure that the subject’s eyes are open. HZ1 (Tentative Name) The HZ1 is a high-powered camera that features the world's first 10x Optical Zoom and 24mm Ultra Wide Angle. In addition, the HZ1 includes various advanced functions such as HD movie capture, Perfect Portrait System, Function Description, Photo Style Selector and DCM (Digital Contents Management) which allows users to easily store and manage images.

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