Amazon Gives More 'Special Offers' with 3G Kindle
Amazon Gives More 'Special Offers' with 3G Kindle
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.05.26 08:47
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Minnesota, USA -May 25, 2011- Amazon rolls out its 3G Kindle model with the 'Special Offers' after receiving the most successful sales of the regular $114 Kindle with 'Special Offers' within just the few weeks after its release. This time, there is no waiting time to get this 3G Kindle as it will ship right away for $164 -this holds true to shipments within the United States. Amazon reports that it is responding to the needs of the customers who made requests for this specific model to get the price reduction of the other model as well as the access to the special offers.


The highlight of the 3G Kindle is that its users can get access to books wirelessly that download quickly in over 100 countries! Whether you travel frequently or have a loved one that is spending time abroad, it is the perfect little companion to bring the normal, enjoyable experience of 'home reading' while abroad. It is a good way to keep in touch with the latest trends in our society while making it easier to use; for owners of the past generations of Kindles, it is frustrating to attach the USB cord and transfer newly bought books. Perhaps for the reduced price, you may be contemplating on trading in your old Kindle and upgrading to the new 3G with 'Special Offers'!


The Kindle is the most popular e-reader on the market. Undoubtedly it is due to the small size, and user-friendly features. Other e-readers are changing the market by introducing the touchscreen. However, we can only hope that the Kindle does not follow the lead because its classic design requires little maintenance; in addition, there is less frustration over the general use -anyone of any age can easily navigate it using its circle-shaped keys and small joystick-like controller.

Amazon boasts selling more e-books than all printed books combined -specific numbers were not released but data showed that it did not take into consideration the free books that users can download through Whispernet. Someday Amazon may release this information; maybe the most bought e-books will be more education-oriented rather than entertainment. College students and professors gravitate towards this device due to the reduced prices of the textbooks and other scholarly writings -Amazon has nearly 30,000 textbooks offered right now.

If I would make a prediction, I would say that the previous Kindle with Special Offers will do far better in sales than the 3G model; the other opened up the e-reader market to those who were not prepared to spend as much money. Now, it is reducing the higher priced model which some people would have paid if they needed the 3G. Then again, many who have previous models may jump on this offer! I cannot be the only one who is seriously considering it.


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