Get Going with Memorial Day Weekend!
Get Going with Memorial Day Weekend!
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.05.27 09:20
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Minnesota, USA -May 26, 2011 - Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner for us; the fortunate ones already started on long vacations. If you are a last minute traveler, whether you are traveling far distances or staying close to home, there is one way to find your getaway that feels just like home. The site known as VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) allows owners who are not using one of their properties to rent it out for days, weeks, or how long they want to keep their properties open to others. It is unlike Couch Surfing since the property owners do not stay in the property with you. It is taking over someone else's home or cabin and making it your own for a short time -minus the cost of the long-term commitment of a mortgage.


Walk out to see something like this rather than a tiny hallway
You have access to properties around the world that can truly feel like 'home' because these people treat the properties with care as they are financially responsible for them. Some of the rentals offer absolutely everything a person would need, so the only items you need to bring are clothes or any other small personal items -throw a few items in a bag and you are ready to go! Your mind can go on vacation prior to getting to your 'hot spot'. Get away from the stress of the regular vacations and try this new way.


At first it may seem that renting a large property may be getting outside of your budget. However, the site allows people to see that typically the properties are cheaper than the average hotel room rates. In addition, you get to see photos of the actual place where you'll be staying; you do not need the disappointment of seeing the best room in the hotel and end up with the worst. You have control over what type of housing it is -condo, apartment, cabin, lake houses, ETC. There is no need to worry about bad service or privacy issues as no one will be around. You are in charge of your weekend rather than facing the time constraints of hotel services.

Finding properties is easy since VRBO narrows listings by location and amenities -in which you simply need to type in the search box in order to find all the possibilities. Any features that come to mind you can simply type; you are not limited by checking a box next to amenities already set by the site. It will locate the criteria that you put in based on the descriptions that the properties have.

Unfortunately not everyone can get off of work to join in on the relaxing weekend ahead. If you are someone who cannot take a vacation and own a property in the woods or some other scenic place, you could be in luck! On top of the money you could be making or saving this weekend, you can bring in extra money if you sign up for VRBO and list your property.  The site even offers tips and even a guide on the steps to renting out your property. It is a good idea in the times where you are too busy to get away from home. Make your second home someone else's getaway!

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