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Leading in Converged Platforms, Game Media (

SKY GameTV, a specialized game broadcaster, was founded in May 2000 by four leading shareholders: KBS Media, Media Wall, and Narae Entertainment. The company offers its game content through satellite channel 651.

By appointing KDC Information & Telecommunication as the biggest shareholder, the company is now full of vision to lead the market. KDC Information & Telecommunication, founded in 1972, offers total IT solutions by selling systems integration, network integration, software and hardware, maintaining and outsourcing network systems and operating an IDC Center.

Mediawall, its second largest shareholder, is a multi-community system operator, which publishes the Korea's No. 1 free daily information newspaper, Flea Market. KBS Media, an affiliate of a government-sponsored terrestrial TV station, KBS, produces and sells video and many other visual programs at home and aboard. Narae Entertainment, an affiliate of Sambo Group, develops games, 3D graphics and TV series animations.

GameTV has been partnering with European game providers such as GamesNetwork since its foundation. While setting up a game broadcasting business through studio opening, broadcasting studio opening and satellite service launch, the company has been working closely with foreign leading game cable channels such as Beijing TV, SUN TV (Taiwan) and KNTV (Japan).

The front-runner in the local game broadcasting market, the company set up a digital satellite platform from the beginning stage of the business, through a partnership with SkyLife, a digital satellite service provider in Korea."We will expand a game broadcasting service for all people, regardless of age, sex and occupation, and this policy means investing time and money into the mutualinteractive digital platform," said Business Promotion Manager Hyong-seop Yoon.

The company changed its name from SkyGameTV to GameTV in September 2003. While operating major international and local game events such as WCG 2002, WCG 2003, Counter Strike Clan Championship, KTF MagicN Multi-pack Star League, Challenger Open Star League, KT-KTF Premier League, etc, the company has been strengthening its brand continuously since SkyLife launched a satellite service in March 2002.

  • Business diversification
  • GameTV foresees the market to going to the MPP (Multi-Program Provider) sector in the near future. An expected market convergence between satellite and digital broadcasting platforms leads the company to be flexible in the everchanging game market.

    To this end, those in their twenties, the Internet generation, are their main viewer targets. Teenagers and those in their thirties are the next targets. League games are its main program content, followed by game reviews, game marketing content and animation broadcasting. All in all, its business formats break down to Broadcast Service Providing, Contents Service Providing, Products and Game Agents.

    For the Broadcast Service Providing, it generates sales from pay-per-view fees, commercials, sponsorships and program reselling. For contents service providing, it develops new profit models such as broadcasting/communication convergence platforms and wireless game service payments.

    Studio and broadcasting equipment rental and program production for other TV channels are main profit earners for the products while the game agents now generate revenue through a promotion package service at multi-platforms such as broadcasting and the Internet.

    Management has set 2004 as the year to reap reap profits from the growing game market. While integrating broadcasting to other game industry events and projects, the company will also promote multiplatform broadcasting contents, equipment rental and production outsourcing businesses.

    All business attention is being paid to a the converged-platform game media market. In line with this, the company secures flexible and organic content structures, IP multi-casting and interactive game channel launching, and the "" brand campaign. The first fruitful result of these promotions will be the launch of Sky Touch and Digital Multi-media Center during the second half of this year.

    by Shin Eun-ju, Reporter /

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