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Taking the Internet Storage System Market by the Horns (http://www.eslim.co.kr)

eSlim Korea is one of the most promising local storage systems server manufacturers. Ever since its establishment in February 2002, the company has been winning customers such as Daum Communications, Yahoo Korea, Nate.com, Neowiz Netian, and many other dot.com companies. It is also steadily supplying products to big-name telcos, enterprises and public organizations including the National Information Center, National Weather Forecast Center, Korea Telecom, SK Telecom, and Samsung.

IDC-fitting rack mount servers, network-attached storage systems , storage systems area networks and all storage systems-related products are on offer, featuring a full line-up with extendibility and price competitiveness. Witht its corporate campaign "Setting up the No.1 brand for internet server & storage system units," the venture is going full tilt to diversify markets inside Korea.

Its successful business dates back to 2000 when it was spun off from a main board manufacturer, MSD. A business slowdown in 2001 resulting in stiff price competition and slack demand greatly hindered the company's business expansion. However, it continued to cash in on server marketing and sales, which paid off in February this year.

Yoon Young-tae, who had led E Slim as a president of MSD, resigned from MSD and led the spin off of E Slim, further focusing on the server business. E Slim managed to earn revenues of $8 million during its first fiscal year. Two years later in 2003, when the general business environment was at its worst in Korea and overseas, the figure skyrocketed to $23 million - a hefty 260 percent increase. Its server business reached $13 million last year, setting up a stable foothold to compete with global players at home. Internet portal sites, online game sites and server hosting companies were added to its customer list during the last two years.

Based on its record business growth, the company aggressively entered the storage systems unit market targeting Internet portal sites and online games. Its successful server business enabled this strategy, and its sales have already exceeded 1,000 tera bytes in capacity. Last year's storage systems unit business marked another astonishing record of $7.2 million in sales.e Slim's successful business growth in a short period of time is attributable to a "high-quality" policy based on stable operations. Its competent R&D lab, consisting of system development, solution development, and quality assurance departments, has led the way. President Yoon comments that the R&D Lab differentiates its products through quick analysis of market demands. "This leads us to cater to customer requirements in a timely way by offering market-affordable prices," he notes. The relatively unknown, small company's success in cut-throat markets headed by global leaders such as HP, IBM, Sun Micro and Dell, has been due to President Yoon's focus on product quality, after-sales service, and market trends. The "QoS (Quality of Service) First" spirit, together with its timely after-sales service, were the most important factors in its corporate image build-up, Yoon adds.

Going for the total SI

E Slim offers a wide variety of services such as equipment delivery and system installation, not to mention 24-hour after-sales service. The customer satisfaction-oriented policy has attracted more and more customers, and company employees received a 500-percent monthly salary bonus for their dedication.

Not satisfied with a corporate image of being just a distribution company at Yongsan Electronics Market, the company moved its office to Yeouido early this year. "Now we are not regarded as a mere system assembler and we are heading for another record-breaking year," Yoon said in full confidence.

The company's current flagship items include IDC-friendly rack mounting servers. Its 1U server, 4mm slimmer than other competitors', realizes high functionality through excellent heat efficiency. For the storage systems units, the company represents Adaptec, a German SCSI storage systems manufacturer. E Slim's latest success is self development and supply of storage systems engines.

The company is now going upmarket for mid- and large-sized storage systems units. Management has set this year's goal as threatening IBM, HP and Sun Micro. To do this, the company is strengthening its technological competence. E Slim set its 2004 sales target as $31 million, a 54 percent increase over last year's. About 65 percent of the figure will come from servers, the company hopes.

E Slim's current business focus is on Internet portal sites, which compete with each other by offering intelligent knowledge search engines, blog hosting, discussion groups, and mini home page hosting among other services. Meanwhile, its penetrating the public organization and financial sectors by offering SU-4100 terminal server and mid-rage RAID (Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks) solutions supporting 2Gb fiber channels. A closer partnership with KT is also increasing sales.

The president hopes the company will tap new niches by offering 1-way/2-way rack mount servers and mid-range storage systems for the time being. E Slim is also planning to diversify into ultra-slim blade servers, which integrate hundreds of servers into one rack for space reduction, easy maintenance and quick applications. Once attained, these markets will make the company a great system integrator providing servers, storage systems and networking solutions in one package.

by Lee Kwang - Jae, Staff Reporter / voxpop@ittimes.co.kr

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