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Ministers of Government Bodies
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Oh Myeong
Minister of Science and Technology
Guide Korea's IT Information Hub

Information communication has already settled down into the life of Korea and is growing as a core industry of our country. According to the International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland, Korea is ranked in the highest levels of IT infrastructure, as first in broadband communications subscribers and fifth in internet subscribers.

In the 21st century, many objects will become intelligent and ever-present spaces will increase where varied information can be exchanged anytime, anywhere. As the IT market size is expected to reach $730 billion in the year 2010, countries in the world are competing with each other to occupy the front line of that future promising market.

Korea also should try to grow on the basis of its present IT infrastructure environment through the training of high-tech experts and by developing state-of-the-art core technologies. I hope that the Korea IT Times will be a good guide, taking a role as Korea's IT industry information hub from now on.

Lee Hee-beom
Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy
Promote Korea's IT Industry to the World

Let me extend my congratulations on the publication of the first issue of the Korea IT Times. This magazine, dedicated to IT news and reporting, will contribute to publicizing Korea's IT industry to the world and its readers will be able to grasp the trends of both domestic and foreign IT industries.

In the past ten years, Korea has witnessed remarkable development in its IT industry, which has impressed not only the world but Koreans themselves. Korea's IT manufacturing industry is the world's fourth largest in terms of production. This nation also prides itself in having the world's best high-speed information network.

The IT industry has become a crucial element in increasing the value added and enhancing competitiveness of not only its own, but of other industries such as automobiles, shipbuilding, biotechnology and energy. For Korea to become a true IT leader, it has to further strengthen its industrial competitiveness by integrating IT into brick-and-mortar industries. This will also help us to achieve a per capita income of $20,000. I hope that on top of promoting Korea's IT industry to the world, it will serve to strengthen the foundation of the industry through in-depth reporting on the trends of IT and the global market.

Chin Dae-je
Minister of Information and Communication
Take on Role Bridging Korean and Overseas IT

At a time when IT has settled down as the core powerhouse of our economy and its size and importance are increasing day by day, I believe the launch of the Korea IT Times, a special IT magazine, is a very meaningful event. I want you not only to provide a variety of information on the domestic and overseas IT industry to world readers, but also to take the role of being a bridge between the Korean and world market to help Korean IT companies enter the world market and overseas or international companies to invest in Korea.

In addition, I would like to ask you to join actively with us for the successful implementation of the "IT 839 Strategy" in which we, the Ministry of Information and Communication, are making efforts with all our heart to gain the early $20,000 GNP based on IT and we expect you to contribute greatly in achieving this goal. Once again, I extend my hearty congratulations on the publication of Korea IT Times, and wish its eternal progress.

Hong Chang-sun
Member of the National Assembly
Fulfill the Information Needs in Korea's IT Sectors

I am very pleased to learn that the KDC group and the Korea Times will launch a monthly magazine, Korea IT Times, that will fulfill the information needs of businesses and investors interested in Korea's IT sectors. Given the lucrative nature of Korea's IT industry, there has been a remarkable lack of dedicated sources of IT news and information in English, the global language of business and investment. Now, the Korea IT Times should be of immense help to the entire IT industry in Korea as well as in overseas countries. I congratulate the companies and their staff members for undertaking such a worthwhile task. I hope that everybody involved in the IT sector takes advantage of the opportunity provided by Korea IT Times.

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