FINALLY Creative Commons on YouTube!
FINALLY Creative Commons on YouTube!
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.06.03 08:30
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Minnesota, USA -June 2, 2011 - YouTube oozes with opportunities for creative individuals who can create videos featuring everything from music, dance, to art. However, the 'all rights protected' material that surrounds us in everyday life makes the video creating process confusing for the regular candid video shooter. Fortunately, YouTube finally added a 'creative commons' button which would show other users if the creator gives others the permission to slice that material up and create another work of art. Perhaps this is the beginning of a better YouTube that gets users to share and entertain us indefinitely.

YouTube has a copyright policy that is understandably strict; yet some people still experienced confusion after it started cracking down on infringements, so it added a 'copyright school' for the violators to help them understand where they could have violated copyrights and what other ways they could possibly violate the laws if they do not pay close attention to the content that they add. However, YouTube recognizes that not all content creators want to be part of the full 'all rights protected' group, so this is where the long-awaited creative commons comes into play.

In order for users to take from others' contents, YouTube announced that it expects that the original creators will be acknowledged in the video tags. If anyone fails to do so, the regular proceedings by the copyright protection services will occur. Requiring that all snippets of used content be labeled helps everyone get acknowledgement for being part of the creative process. Art the first time around is just as important as the second art that becomes of it.

Undoubtedly, the creative commons of YouTube will cut back on the confusion when it comes to copyright laws. Instead of spending time in running through all parts that make up a video such as music, cartoons/art, or anything else, more time is put towards the development of new ideas using other people's contents plus the user's contents.

A popular method of creating a video is called a Mashup, where contents such as random cartoons are set to the same audio. For instance, years ago a video released of Disney movie characters that was set to the song "Soulja Boy" where the creator gave the illusion that these characters were singing the song; this would be an example of what would be considered a copyright violation even though the creator was inspired to create this through multiple artworks.

Finally, YouTube acknowledges the need for a creative commons so that we can see the amazing videos being transformed. It does not matter whether the video makes us dance, laugh, scream, or sing; we get to see how our sharing of ideas can create more ideas. We do not need to hinder this creative process. Having a creative commons promotes this activity, which YouTube could use right now! If you are a YouTube content creator, get ready for a new experience. For all the YouTube viewers, be ready for 'true entertainment'!



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