Busan ITU to Spur Regional IT Ind. Development
Busan ITU to Spur Regional IT Ind. Development
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INTERVIEW / Huh Nam-shik, Busan City Mayor

'Busan ITU to Spur Regional IT Ind. Development'

Busan Mayor Promotes "Best Ever" Exhibition

Busan City Mayor Huh Nam-shik, elected on June 5, has had such a busy time that he could not respond to the congratulatory visits and calls, because Busan City will host Busan ITU Telecom Asia 2004, dubbed the "IT World Cup", from Sept. 7-11 this year and APEC summit meeting and come up with various kinds of policies for building Northeast Asian hub. He was also busy handling damage from the typhoon Dianmu just after he took office.

Just after he took office, the new Busan mayor expressed his intention to put municipal policy priority on the regional economic reinvigoration plan. This is why he is paying so much attention to the hosting of Busan ITU Telecom Asia 2004. The Korea IT Times met with him to hear about the planning process for the telecom show and his expectations.

by Lee Kwang - Jae, Staff Reporter voxpop@ittimes.co.kr

Q: There are a couple of months left before the Busan ITU Telecom Asia 2004 will open. Tell us about the preparation processes for what is likely to be a successful hosting.

A: The Busan ITU Telecom Asia 2004 will be a world-class exhibition and convention to be attended by lots of global high-tech IT and related companies to show their new products and technologies. Many seminars and forums will also be held.

The successful hosting depends on the enthusiasm of Busan citizens and seamless preparation. Busan has made strenuous efforts to attract interest and create a good atmosphere for welcoming visitors by educating local citizens.

The city has done its best for the successful hosting through inducing more participants, inviting VIPs and revising transportation and accommodation facilities. As part of the efforts, the city dispatched a delegation to the ITU 2003 World Fair and ITU Telecom Africa 2004 hosted in May to benchmark the procedures. Busan City will pour all of its energy into making this event the best exhibition that has ever been hosted.

Q: Is there any plan to develop the regional IT industry after this exhibition

A: The globe is faced with a stagnant economy caused by oil price hikes and Chinas growth control policy. Busan has endeavored to rejuvenate the regional economy through establishing more industrial complexes, the Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone and many other practical policies to nurture small and medium-sized firms. In particular, Busan Telecom Asia 2004 will significantly contribute to reinvigorating the regional economy and IT industry.

Promising small and medium-sized IT firms in the region will be encouraged to display their technology and products in the show and more extra-regional firms will be invited. Economic boosting measures will be taken in cooperation with related organizations, bodies and companies, and positive support and collaboration will be sought from the government.

Q: What are the urgent tasks to be solved for the IT industry development of Busan

A: Busan's IT industry development should be preceded by the consolidation of the regional industrial base. Busan has the advantage of having a huge manufacturing base and a high potential information industry.

Therefore it can foster visual and logistics industries that are closely linked with the IT industry as strategic sectors. In connection with universities and colleges, Busan will train 1,000 experts per related field at 54 IT-related departments and 10 educational institutions.

An undaunted will to force the IT industry's development is necessary more than anything. The city has designated the software industry one of the 10 major strategic areas for the advanced IT industry development, and established the Busan Information Industry Promotion Center.

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