Korea and China Join Forces for Software Industry Development
Korea and China Join Forces for Software Industry Development
  • Kim Yea-rim
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(From left) Vice President and Secretary-General of CSIA, Hu Kun-shan and Lee Young-sang, Chairman of KOSEA

Beijing, China, June 15, 2011- Korea and China have now joined forces for stronger industrial ties after Lee Youngsang, Chairman of the Korea Software Enterprise Association (KOSEA), visited China Software Industry Association (CSIA) in Beijing, June 14 in order to improve Korea's software competitiveness in the global market. In this unofficial meeting, Chairman Lee had a keen discussion with the CSIA about future cooperation between the two countries.

Founded in 1984, CSIA is currently made up of 3,000 member companies including global firms such as Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft as well as Chinese software developers. The association, as part of the Government of China's software development encouragement policies, manages and supervises projects of local software associations and also for international cooperation. This time, the meeting with KOSEA was to improve the relationship that was built in the late 1980s and early 1990s between the two countries, which recently has been rather dormant. Hu Kun-shan, Vice President of CSIA welcomed Chairman Lee, saying that we expect this opportunity to be the starting point for more active cooperation with Korea.

At the moment, the United States is in the lead with major software products in the world software market. Korea, on the other hand, has been developing their own technologies in order to tackle the dominance of American products in the domestic market. This emphasis on development in the domestic market has resulted in Korean products gradually taking over the major software market. As for China, though much of the software infrastructure is still based on American or European products, it has been successful in replacing those in some areas such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). "China will also need to improve their domestic products," Chairman Lee stated, "Based on our own successful history, Korea will be able to contribute to the development of China's software industries by sharing our knowledge and experience. Furthermore, technological collaboration will help Chinese software gain global competence."

Korea, China agree on closer ties

"With China's huge labor force and market power, combined with Korea's technology and know-how, it is only a matter of time for both countries to achieve huge growth," Mr. Lee said. The two countries also could develop software technology by mixing each other's strong points, to which Executive Vice Secretary-General, Zhu Yun, agreed by saying that this is exactly what we both would love to see.

For example, China has ERP products, a software package for integration and management of business processes and data. In other words, this program automatically enables a corporation to manage their entire resources and integrate information. However, Korea has advantage in data management, security, and embedded SW. Some of these products boast technologies that are even more sophisticated than American products. DataStreams, for example, is a Korean software company that has the top share in data integration, the market where many American companies are dominant worldwide.

By using their own strengths, the cooperation between the two nations will bring a localized software market and enhanced global competitiveness to China as well as technological development and advancement to Korea. Hu concluded that this meeting was "hen hao" (very good in Chinese), adding that he would like to promote the cooperation project soon.

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