MOE and the National Nature Trust Join Forces for Carbon Offset Activities
MOE and the National Nature Trust Join Forces for Carbon Offset Activities
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The Ministry of Environment and the National Nature Trust begin carbon offset activities to sufficiently respond to climate change. The National Nature Trust will launch a carbon erasing club with companies, NGOs and citizens to support the government's policies such as emissions trading and greenhouse gas and energy target management system and realize zero carbon society.

Members of the carbon erasing club will participate in carbon offset activities to offset carbon inevitably emitted by driving, traveling and leisure activities. Their activities include ecological tourism which minimizes greenhouse gas emission, planting trees and buying land for restoring ecological axis, etc.

The National Nature Trust will provide members with diverse benefits including a certificate on carbon offset and invitation to programs it arranges. Through PR activities using SNS and various events, it plans to recruit about 1,000 members by the end of the year. In addition, it will cooperate with local governments and companies in developing several carbon offset projects such as low carbon tour programs and creating forests.

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