Sizzling Summer with Nano Korea 2011
Sizzling Summer with Nano Korea 2011
  • Ryan Schuster
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Korea Will Rise to the Challenge One Nano at a Time

Korea is already a power elite in the IT sector. Now, here on this innovative IT peninsula, nanotechnology faces a new era of miniaturization and integration.  Historically, it was the first to use metal movable type printing and in addition to other notable achievements in technology, is seeking new ways to become a champion in the global nanotechnology arena.

The Korean government realized the importance of nanotechnology early on and has been collaborating for the past decade with businesses, universities and research institutes to develop nanotechnology as one of the key technologies for technology convergence for a future growth engine. As a result, Korea ranks fourth as a leading nation in the field of nanotechnology, behind the US, Japan and Germany (2005, Lux Research, USA) and aims at moving up to third place by 2015 in the nanotech race for global leadership. Therefore, Korea will be going all-out to show the importance, the potential fusion and the tremendous benefits that nanotechnology has to offer to the world.

"Nano" means one-billionth. Thus nanotechnology draws its name from the scale at which the research and technology operates at nanometers, or one one-billionth of a meter. This almost inconceivably small dimension is 100,000 times smaller than a strand of human hair. Individual atoms, the fundamental building blocks of all matter, are of this size. Nanotechnology holds the ability to make products lighter, tinier, stronger and faster; it is seen as the wave of the future and the solution to today's technological challenges. Researchers have been working at the nanoscale for over 40 years inventing such everyday products as cell phones and stain-resistant clothing.  Science and technology have become the primary driving forces of change and growth in this brain-driven world.

To continue to sprout the seeds of nanotechnology, the Nano Technology Research Association (NTRA) is hosting the 9th International Nanotech Exhibition in the KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center) in Goyang, Korea during August 24 to August 26, 2011. This will be the largest nanotechnology show ever to be held in the Land of the Morning Calm, attracting more than 8,000 visitors and about 350 exhibitors with 500 booths from 40 countries. The attendees will be provided with an excellent opportunity to gain useful information on the nanotechnology sector and find top-rated nano products and equipment. Korea's leading corporations, including Samsung and LG, will again introduce their nanotechnology developments and products. In our growing, yet shrinking world and as consumers continue to demand and expect products that are faster, less expensive, more powerful, more efficient, smarter and better for the environment, exploiting the power of nanotechnology is becoming imperative across the entire product lifecycle of globally competitive companies.

The global race for nanotechnology leadership will continue and Korea will rise to the challenge one nano at a time.

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